Welcome to healthy wealthy and happy, my website that is dedicated to increasing your potential.

You will find reams of ideas, recipes, information and life changing ideas on the pages of this site.

This year is all about sitting tight and not doing anything towards manifesting your dreams but believing only that your dreams will come true.

It is my personal experiment in bending my life’s trajectory.  Not pushing for change; instead mind bending particles, harnessing energy and being the changes that I want to see; living, eating, breathing them.

It has taken me many years and many books to get to this stage of my life, one when I am finally ready to let go of doing and finally sit back and start creating.

Last year helped me a lot.  I manifested an all expenses paid trip to Venice for me and my daughter.  I finally realised that I can do it…from nothing something comes.

If you would like to experience newness in your life, to live in pure potentiality then join me as I continue on this path of awakening.  If you have a problem that you would like to see solved, then stay with me on this journey of self exploration and know with all your heart that it can be.

I would love to hear from any of you who have reached the understanding that you have  been manifesting all your life, probably without realising it.  Do let me know your stories.  It is hearing other peoples experiences that helps us to believe…isn’t that what fairy tales are all about?

To miracles!

Gemma x

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