Burning Embers

Hi All,

It all seems pretty romantic.  We have spent the last few days chopping wood and watching it burn.  However this labour of love has been borne out of a sense of necessity than a gentle nod to a slowed pace and lazy days.  In fact the pace has been more frenzied than I would have liked as it has been our only source of heating, on and off as the boiler decided to break down.

So sorry for not keeping you posted.  I have been busy trying to keep us all warm.  There is certainly something to be said for that rosy glow of the hearth and all that beneficial chi that we are circulating straight through the house and then roaring up the chimney.  However I would feel a little more cosy if I knew for certainty that the next shower that I was having would also leave me glowing hot rather than shivering cool.

So wishing you all a rosy glow for Easter; may you have as much chocolate as your hearts desire and may that symbol of the egg and it’s sense of rebirth bring freshness and renewed vigour to your life.

Happy egg hunting.

Gemma x

P.S.  Those hot cross buns were sensational.  We made them with wholemeal strong bread flour and left them overnight, not in the fridge but out of it (as we had no heating), I also added a load more water than was stated, to make up for the wholemeal flour and also because I had learned from a bread artisan at Seedy Sunday (another story), how bread must be a much higher percentage water than we usually do now days.  So I just kept pouring more in and kneading it until I felt that the silky texture that Nigella spoke of had been achieved.  We ended up making 4 times the recipe and ate them all on Good Friday!  We will certainly be making this recipe making an annual tradition.

Technical Blip, No Grapes and Bluetooth Technology

So sorry not to post today, my communication lines were cut again.  I was meant to be explaining my Moro sour dough starter.  I am afraid that I have fallen over the ‘seasonal’ hurdle immediately.  I have looked for organic red grapes and there are none to be had.  As soon as I lay my hands on them I will bring you up to speed.

In the meantime I have been researching Bluetooth technology.  I have not allowed my eldest daughter to have a mobile phone.  She probably is the only one in her school without one but I stand firm.  I have seen the thermal imaging results of mobile phone use on the brain and watched the u-tube clips of brain surgeons telling us that they do not let their children have them.  They also point out the noticeable increase in brain tumours around the ear area (where the phones are held).  Anyway this is old news now and most people have a view.  To see more on this watch the following:


In addition to this and for similar reasons we do not have WiFi in the house.  Everything is run through cables and our phone is a corded one.

It is blue tooth that my husband has come up with, for my daughter to make use of a messaging app on her iPod (a device that he assured me was fine and with the wifi disabled would not emit nor receive), to keep in touch with her friends on.

I acknowledge that I am a dinosaur in this newfangled department, heck my friend has even threatened to contact me via carrier pigeon and I realise that equipping her with a calligraphy pen and beautiful notepaper is going to be met with derision and frustration.

I am trying not to turn her need to stay in touch with her friends into a big issue, but I feel very much ill equipped to understand and balance the dangers of these devices with the need to allow my daughter to fit in.

So blue tooth.  I searched for quite a while, most sites I visited were reassuring; that the power used is so low that it could not possibly be a problem.  I dug deeper and this is what I found on Electric Sense by Lloyd Burrel:


Conclusion on Bluetooth radiation–  are Head Sets Dangerous?

The frequency power of wireless headsets is the same as that of microwave ovens, which also operate at 2.4 GHz, though admittedly microwave ovens use much higher power levels. But the power levels themselves are not the issue its the rate of change of the EMFs, the pulsing, that causes most of the biological damage. Bluetooth radiation is dangerous.

Bluetooth headsets are also particularly dangerous because, unlike a microwave oven, they are held within centimeters of the brain and they are used in conjunction with a cell phone. So you’re getting double exposure. If you use Bluetooth in a car the effects are multiplied due to the Faraday cage effect.

So Craig, the bottom line is avoid wired headsets, avoid bluetooth radiation, prefer an airtube hands free kit but be aware of its limitations.


Back to those carrier pigeons.

Gemma x

Missing the Boat

Hi All,

I got all excited yesterday about making a sourdough form of hot cross buns.  I thought that I could get the dough started early and bake up some good ‘uns for Friday morning.  It seems that sour dough requires a much less hurried approach.

Instead I will use a Nigella Lawson recipe that offers a quick yeast approach but sits overnight in the fridge so that you can have them fresh and warm in the morning.


I will let this idea of sourdough hot cross buns fall by the wayside.  But on the understanding that I am going to instead put some time aside to make and nurture a sourdough culture to bring some natural bounce to my packed lunch making.  I also have a dreamy notion of roasted red pepper sandwiches made with this bread, inspired by Big Cherry Holler by Adriana Trigiani (part of her trilogy) – a book that is on the reading list in my Happy pages, for it’s feel good factor.

It just so happens that while I was searching for my hot cross bun recipe, I came across a sourdough starter that is featured in my Moro Cookbook.

So if  you wish to join me go grab a bunch of red grapes, some strong white bread flour and unchlorinated water (filtered is fine).  I am going to put my grain mill to use and mill some grains for this, so by all means try this approach.  I’ll be writing a bit more on this in the next few days.

Spring is in the air?

Hi All,

Where I am right now, spring seems a million miles away.  We even saw a few flakes of snow yesterday and had the fire burning pretty much all day and evening.  Quite frankly it has been bitter.

Only a couple of weeks ago I was lulled into a false start with some warm weather that was positively dazzling and had everyone in the playground actively smiling and saying a jubilant ‘hello’ to all.  I got carried away and planted some seeds.  Within a couple of days, the snow arrived.

So what to do when it is so cold outside and you want it to be spring again?  Of course wrap up and go for a hearty walk, get that sun on you however you can.  But what I have decided to do is bring a little spring inside.  I am normally a bit no nonsense in the garden, waiting for the weather to warm up before planting outside.  I have not had a great deal of success with this.  So undeterred by the cold weather I have decided to have a clear out of my seed box and start up some of those more tender plants that can be transplanted later, inside.

I did have to brave the cold to dig out the old pots from the ramshackle greenhouse and mooch about among my raised beds to steal some earth for potting.  But the rest was an indoors task.  Looking up which of my seeds could be planted indoors and also which could be planted in March.  I then looked up the Lunar planting calendar. This is quite an experience in itself.  There are three lunar planting beliefs and methods which make the mind boggle:

  • The Synodic, or waxing and waning cycle,
  • the Sidereal, which is directed by the moons orbit around the earth
  • the Biodynamic cycle, developed by Rudolph Steiner which lookes at which constellation the moon is passing through to give a more precise time of planting for different groups of vegetables.

The funniest part to all of this is how much these cycles contradict each other.  One will tell you that it is a good time for germination, another that it is a barren time and so no planting should take place, use the time instead to tidy the garden.  The following site is one that I visit every time that I am planting:


They suggest that you start with the basic waxing and waning moon cycle, or Synodic planting cycle.

However they do lovely little daily symbols of the biodynamic cycle and I like to use those.  They split the plants into groups such as fruiting, roots, leafy and flowering and these are then given day allocations depending on which constellation the moon is passing through at that time.  Each type of plant gets a couple of days to plant.

For me this weekend I have been planting leafy herbs, some lemon balm and lemon basil, although I pushed the boat out a bit with my (flowering) globe artichoke .  I also planted some seed that was completely unmarked – pot luck.

Now the photos that I have included in the blog were clearly not planted this weekend, I decided that my pots of earth were not particularly interesting, also the tiniest shoots that I can see in them already may be weeds, so I best check them out before I get too excited.  No these are some that I prepared earlier; celery that I gained no success with whatsoever last time I planted it straight in the ground and pumpkin, seeds that my son was given in the summer, too late to plant.  I have grown a pumpkin before but it was small, not at all sufficient for Halloween.  So by giving them a head start now and bringing some joy inside for a bit, I am hoping to get some bumper crops later on.

Enormous satisfaction can be found from the simple act of watching these carefully nurtured seeds emerge from the soil and offer some green to the windowsill, signs that spring really is here and warm weather can only surely follow.

Fifty Shades of Green – Summary

Hello to all of you,

I have written quite a bit in the last few days and feel that a summary is in order, for those of you who want a quick glance rather than too much detail.

  • The Green Smoothie is a way of getting green leafy veg into you (spinach, kale, rocket, watercress, mint, chard – that kind of thing)
  • It does not have to be green.  Once you have blitzed your green veg, you can add any colour fruit to make it tasty and to get you to drink it.  For example berries will turn it a reddish brown, but the smoothie does still contain greens.
  • Update – I have just seen a u-tube clip where Victoria Boutenko suggests that we make use of just three ingredients in our smoothies:  green leafy plants, fruit and water (nothing fancy, no need for seed oils, avocado, chocolate, soaked nuts), she says keep it simple and enjoy the other things separately.
  • Fifty Shades of Green – because it is important to rotate your green leaves, to get maximum nutritional benefit and to prevent a build up of unique plant toxins.
  • Blending rather than juicing as it retains the fibre which helps to preserve antioxidants and also contains some antioxidants, yet helps to break down the greens (which due to our narrowed jaws, we are less able to chew down correctly anymore).  We are also more likely to maintain our habit of smoothie making than juicing.  Juicers are harder to clean and take longer to make on the whole.  There is some controversy over this and please do research more yourself.  I stand by the anecdotal evidence and personal experience.  I say give it a go and see what a difference it makes.
  • Best drunk first thing in the morning and away from other food by about 40 mins.  But if this is impossible, just drink it and see how you get on.
  • Look out for detox symptoms; headaches, lethargy, mucous; slow down if they get too strong.
  • Support your liver by reducing your fat, oils, meats and dairy.  You can also do castor oil packing to your liver and coffee enemas.
  • Feel the benefits of those mineral packed leaves, the added fibre and that all important chlorophyll; you may experience increased energy, have a clearer head, better vision, warts may start to disappear, bowel movements may become more frequent, need less sleep and awake refreshed.
  • Appreciate the benefits of these smoothies on your colon, remembering the amount of impacted fecal matter we probably have accumulated over the years and the distortion this is creating in our colon.
  • See the green smoothie routine as a springboard to more healthy eating practices; more raw food, 2 tablespoons ground flax seeds per day, using small amounts of good fats and oils.  Also include good sources of iodine in your diet – seaweeds in the form of kelp, nori and dulse make great food sources of this vitally important mineral.
  • Consider a green smoothie routine to support any other treatment for degenerative diseases that you or your family my be suffering from.  With Cancer you may consider juicing, for the sheer hit of available nutrients, with little effort required by the body.
  • Get into the habit of chewing all of your food really well.  Taking the time to eat really well can be one of the best things that you can do for your health.
  • Take note of any other areas of your life that may be affected through this cleansing: relationships, the state of your home, your faith (or lack of it).

I would just like to conclude by taking the time to thank Victoria Boutenko, whose book has put me on this path.
Enjoy a more vibrant life.

Live, Laugh, Love, Bloom – A Chinese Proverb

Gemma x

Now What?

Good morning,

Congratulations to any or all of you who softened their equinox transition a little.

When I set out on this cleanse I decided to give it a couple of weeks, then a month, then two months and see where I was at each time. I made use of this equinox to go hardcore and fast in between my smoothies.  I plan to do that for another day or two.  Then I will slowly build in some meals.

If you have taken a more gentle approach you may wish to just keep going with your added smoothie everyday for a while.  Victoria Boutenko suggested that it took a couple of months to really notice the benefits.

On another site Green Smoothie Girl, which has some great lifestyle advice and easy to read health information she makes this observation about prolonged green smoothie drinking:

If you’re drinking green smoothies every day, you are eliminating toxins and keeping the colon clean with lots of green roughage, and after several months of doing that and avoiding animal protein, you will have less need of cleansing than others.



So it is looking good to keep up the great green smoothie work, incorporating it into your daily routine instead of seeing it as a cleanse or a quick diet.

Going forward; in addition to this I would also look at including 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseed in your diet (make flaxseed crackers if you have a de-hydrator, or mill them and mix them with your porridge, however you can get them in regularly).

This, on top of a wholefood diet, adding abundant raw foods, minimising your fat intake and then only using good fats and oils, with plenty of pure, fresh water and a whole heap of regular sunlight exposure…will make a tremendous difference to your sense of well being and of course as this is fifty shades, your libido!

Go to this link at Green Smoothie Girl if you want to go Fifty Shades Darker, where she suggests other things that you can add to your smoothies to enhance your libido and also increase your chances of conception:


See the green smoothie revolution in your life as the gateway to a greater awareness of what your body really needs.

Well spring is on its way, go enjoy it, with a spring in your step.

Gemma x

Welcome to the Vernal Equinox 2013 – Spring Begins Today

Welcome to change!

First I would like to apologise for posting yesterday that the equinox was Thursday.   I nearly missed it!  It is today at 11.02am. The time given is down to the moment that the sun crosses the celestial equator.

During the winter we see a time of closing down, energy conservation, hibernation and contraction. At the time of the equinox we see a  reversal of the energy. The energy shifts to become that of growth, new birth and expansiveness.  We wake up, shake up and find the energy from somewhere to spring clean our houses and our bodies (well that is the idea anyway).

This great time of change is very powerful energetically and we can observe that the equinox offers a time of movement and shift.  We can harness this energy to increase our own potential.  We can cleanse and lighten our toxic load, move out the fats and heaviness that we have allowed to settle during the winter and we can stir ourselves once more into vibrant activity.

So we can fast and meditate and allow ourselves to gently awaken into this new time.  If we do not support our bodies at this time, we may well see our bodies take it into their own hands.  The equinoxes tend to bring out the gunk, with vomiting ‘bugs’, colds, rashes and ear infections.  Any orifice will do as the body responds to the energetic change that the equinox offers.  See it as a clear out.

For me it means that I will be drinking only three green smoothies today and taking no other food, but some warm water with fresh lemon.  For you it certainly need not be hard core.  This is not about pushing your body, but supporting it.

Last night I did an enema in order to support my liver at this time of enormous shifting.  I have also done castor oil packing to my liver (the night before).  There is more information about these techniques in my techniques section in my health pages.

I have also been reading Headspace, I book recommended by my brother in law (thanks).
Which is a guide to meditation and mindfulness in a busy world.

Another idea for the equinox is Space Clearing which is a ceremony that will bring a beautiful energy into your home.  You can find details of this in my Happiness pages.

I keep harking back to the words of Barbara Wren; as she described how her life now has more ‘gigi’ since going fat free and that she has simultaneously sorted through her entire house, not a corner or section of it untouched.  The sense of what we do to our bodies will manifest in every part of our lives.  Lightening the toxic load within our bodies will bring the same shift to our houses and our relationships.

I shall, on that note, love you and leave you.

Happy Vernal Equinoxing!

Gemma x


Upping the ante

Morning all,

So we are now entering the week of the spring equinox.  Your body will be encouraged to shift things due to the tremendous energy shifting that is taking place at this time.  What we are doing with the green smoothie is supporting that change and pushing for more.  So far in my family we have noticed:

  • headaches,
  • tiredness,
  • nausea,
  • an aversion to green smoothies (but bless him he still wants to finish them) and
  • increased bowel activity.
  • sneezing, coughing and snottiness (unusual for my lot)

However we have also felt:

  • increased energy,
  • lightness,
  • a sense of body electric,
  • a diminishing wart and
  • less bloatedness.

I am going to increase my green smoothie intake this week gradually to three smoothies a day.  I will then start to replace a meal, first breakfast, then breakfast and lunch until Thursday (This should read Wednesday) – ooops sorry! the day of the equinox when I shall just do three smoothies for the day and cups of warm water with fresh lemon slices.  If you feel that your body is happy to join me then do so.  Otherwise take it at your own pace, adding a glass at a time.

My belief is that my body will receive only fresh, raw enzymes.  The smoothies will be alkalising my body and the lack of fat or complex carbs, combined with all those nourishing nutrients, will give my body a chance to shift away the debris and repair and replace cells.

Bring it on.

Gemma x

Cancer and Fifty Shades of Green- Oxygen and Alkalisation

Dearest all,

Some of you will be looking at this site for some answers to the big cancer question.  I have searched for years for this very thing.  This is what I have found so far and the information is looking good for green smoothies:

The following quotes can also be found in my Health pages in the page on Cancer, acidity and the bicarbonate of soda connection.

First let us look at the cancer situation:

It has been suggested that cancer (or Fungi) cells are actually normal cells that have had to de-evolve into a lower functioning organism in order to survive the stress factors imposed by the poor oxygen and acidic environment. If the environment were healthy then the cells would be healthy too.  Here we see that the body has not caught some disease, more that the cells have undergone a de-evolutionary transformation into cancer cells as a survival strategy.

According to Nobel prize winner 1931,  Dr. Otto Warburg,

“Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. Water splits into H+ and OH- ions, if there is an access of H+, it is acidic; if there is an excess of OH- ions, then it is alkaline.”

In his work The Metabolism of Tumors he demonstrated that all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: Acidosis and Hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Lack of oxygen and acidosis are two sides of the same coin: where you have one, you have the other.

“All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen – a rule without exception.” – Dr. Otto Warburg

“Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.” “Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.” — Dr. Otto H. Warburg in Lecture [7]

Cancer patients have been found to have an acidic blood PH level.

If we imagine a rubbed balloon that cannot stick to the wall in wet weather, this represents oxygen that cannot fix onto a blood cell if the blood becomes too acidic.

Deep breathing and oxygenating the system will only help so far.  The limited capacity for holding oxygen that these acidic cells have, means that any oxygen that is picked up is quickly absorbed by oxygen starved cells around it.  The oxygen fails to penetrate the deeper parts of the body where it is required the most.

So the picture that has been painted so far is that cancer is a devolved cell, arising due to the acidic conditions within the cell, promoted due to poor oxygen.

Enter the green smoothie:

  • Alkalising, alkalising, alkalising.
  • You simply drink the smoothie and the body will become more alkaline.
  • Drink plenty of it and you will become more alkaline
  • Start replacing acidic foods such as meat and dairy with your green smoothies and you will become more alkaline.
  • In addition to this greens will help our bodies to generate red blood cells and so we can transport more oxygen, improving our blood flow and cardiovascular functions.
  • From this we can expect to feel more invigorated and more energised.
  • green leafy smoothies contain chlorophyll which it appears is pretty hard for the body to absorb.  Instead it acts as a terrific cleanser, and as such blocks cancer promoting

heme-induced free radicals

Information taken from chlorophyll overhyped; benefits and claims: http://hypefreehealth.hubpages.com/hub/chlorophyll-overhyped-benefits-and-claims

Of course we don’t have to have cancer to take advantage of such extraordinary health benefits.

Live, Laugh, Love, Bloom -A Chinese Proverb

Gemma x


What is a green smoothie?

Hi All,

I am just writing to share an answer to a question that has been raised a few times.  The point to this smoothie is that it does not actually have to be green.

The actual reason for calling it a green smoothie is that you need to be putting greens into it.  We are talking the soft leafy kind.  I have already made quite a list of possible greens for you on a previous blog.

Once you have leafy greens in your smoothie you just need to be able to get them down.  So do what it takes; a banana or two, a mango, some berries, apple or kiwi, or go savoury with cucumber, peppers or tomatoes.

Enjoy that chlorophyll.

Gemma x