Wishing you peace this festive season

The Autoimmune disease series


This blog is simply about bringing you peace for this festive season.

May you find peace in your hearts and may you find peace in your minds.

May all the love, warmth and security that this brings, flood each and every cell in your body and let them resonate with the good vibrations that this brings.

For this is where the magic and the healing starts.  With a body that is at peace, with itself and with the world.

May this Christmas bring you happiness, love and hope and above all peace, but with a sprinkling of magic.

See you in the New Year.

Gemma x

I am enough!

The biggest disease facing humanity

The Autoimmune Disease Series

Many practitioners have noticed that people who struggle with autoimmune diseases have often suffered difficult childhoods.   Or maybe there was a one off event that triggered feelings of a lack of self worth.

You will probably relate to this, but if you don’t, read on anyway because “I am not enough” could be the biggest disease facing humanity.

I have posted  Marisa Peer speaking before, but this is important.

Like she suggests “I am enough” needs to be repeated again and again until it is fully integrated into your mind.  Until you know that it is absolutely true.  Because this is where the healing starts.

Write it on your mirror, use sticky notes all over the house, put one in your purse all of it over and over saying; “I am enough”.

Way too many of us, spend too much time with negativity in our heads.

So in order to get well you need your mind to believe something else.

So it starts with:
“I am enough.  I am enough.  I am enough.  I am enough.  I am enough.”

You are enough.  You are always enough.

Gemma x