A daily trick to bathe your cells in oxygen.

Hi All,

I was so excited when I saw this presentation from Dr Michael Greger on the power of beetroot.  It has been shown to raise oxygenation levels in leg muscle tissue and lower blood pressure.  With this mighty red root, the possibilities for health are endless.  I immediately thought of patients with chronic fatigue and of athletes, cancer patients and those with debilitating pain.


Beetroot, delivering oxygen at a cellular level will prove to be a health turnaround for many.  You don’t even have to have beetroot:

From: Santamaria et al. 1999. A survey of nitrate and oxalate content in fresh vegetables :

mean mg nitrate/kg (fresh)
Rocket/Arugula     2597
Swiss chard        2363
Radish             2067
Spinach            1845
Kohlrabi           1769
Beetroot           1727
Celery             1678
Romaine lettuce    1241
Parsley            1150
Butterhead lettuce 1089
Broccoli raab       905
Crisphead lettuce   581
Asparagus           498
Green onion         410

Have you had success with beetroot in your life?  Do let me know.

Gemma x

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