Hi, my name is Gemma, I am a mother of 4 and I have set up these health pages to share with you the simple yet profound knowledge that I have learned. It seems to me that everyone now knows a parent, friend or colleague that is facing chronic illness.

I am a Nutritional Advisor; having taken the life changing Cellular Awakening Diploma, written and practiced by Barbara Wren.

I have also graduated from the Practitioner Training Program from The Hashimoto’s Institute.

Through this I have seen clients and have been talking to people with many many issues including: various types of cancer, migraine and sinusitis sufferers, with cold extremities and hemorrhoids, nervous disorders, chronic fatigue, heavy periods, auto immune disorders and also with diabetes and polycystic ovaries.  I have also discussed children with anger issues, fussy eaters, M.E. and asthma and eczema.  It seems that so very close to home there is an endless stream of chronic complaints that defy conventional medicines reasoning.

Many of the books and websites that I have studied are brilliant and inspiring but offer so many possible remedies that the ‘where do I start?’ becomes overwhelming, or you end up with a basketful of remedies for a large sum of money most of which you have never heard the name of before.

My aim is to keep this site as simple as possible but also to offer the detail that I so craved when trying to understand the health issues that we face.

I also dedicate this site to Lucy, the baby girl that we lost and who has steered me to getting answers.  We terminated my pregnancy at 21 weeks when we discovered that Lucy had inoperable heart issues.  After Lucy was born it was discovered that Downs Syndrome had not been picked up through the triple test that I had had.  To this day I believe that the poor state of my body contributed to her defects.  I had had a urine infection and taken antibiotics, I then got pregnant within a month of taking them and miscarried, I did not wait (ironically, determined not to get to age 35; where the risk of Down’s becomes greater)  but got pregnant 2 weeks later with Lucy.

My health was compromised, my body gave me signs but I did not listen, I paid more heed to statistics than listening to my own body.  Lucy’s termination, as a mother, as a vegetarian, as an anti-abortionist went against everything  I ever believed in.  It  has taught me not to judge anything or anyone, but to heed life’s very significant lessons and to live life as a precious gift, to feel blessed and full of love every day.

It takes work and constant reminders to self, when dealing with a hectic household of four children and a husband working abroad Monday to Friday, but this pace I believe demands times of reflection and observing gentle rhythms such as the lunar cycle and changing seasons, explored through the bedtimes we keep, organic gardening and the local, seasonal produce that we put on the table.

So I say to you I have also set up this website if you are planning to have children; make sure that you don’t try to get pregnant while detoxing (the waste products will be in your system at that critical time when the cells are dividing), give yourself a few months ‘space’ to get plenty of fluids, flax oil and a great diet full of greens and goodness inside you.  If you don’t feel great…wait.  Don’t pay the price that we did.  I don’t wish what we went through on anyone.  If in doubt go and see a Naturopath, get some acupuncture or get your self a good pre-conception book.

With much love

Gemma x


  1. Dear Gemma
    Thanks for your posting on the Nutrition Forum.
    I notice you’re selling dowsing rods. Good to hear of another fellow dowser.
    My email address is above. Drop me a line sometime. Totally in awe that you are a mother of four and still find time to do the course and website.
    Naomi x

    • Naomi, Thank you so much for your posting. I wouldn’t call myself a dowser, more an amateur enthusiast with rods! However, I cannot but encourage anyone to give these a go. When you see the rods cross, then clear the space with clapping or bell ringing and then watch the rods move outwards…it is very exciting. As I mentioned to you before my section on this website on Space Clearing is where I have gone with this. That takes energy to a whole other frequency and is really uplifting.
      Gemma x

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