Yoga has to be right up there for the mind body spirit connection.  There are so many classes out there that you will find one that radiates inner calm and serenity.  If you don’t have much time or want to make it part of a daily practice then buy a CD.  Or keep it simple and unplugged and just do a few moves that you learn each day.  So many people now seem to want to run and run and run.  While this absolutely has its benefits it can also push our cortisol levels up up and away.  If you are struggling with hormonal issues, or fatigue, or an auto immune issue then yoga may be a much less stressful alternative.

Organic gardening is an activity that brings peace and triumph with that first broad bean of spring or those golden nuggets of potatoes discovered beneath the soil.  There is a whole movement of “grounding” that an be explored which involves trying to get closer, barefoot closer to nature in order to pick up those all important negative electrons, which are so utterly beneficial for us.  Pulling up weeds or smelling the flowers will help to lower that stress hormone cortisol and start us on the path of centredness.

Space Clearing is often mistaken for clearing clutter.  It is in fact a way of revitalising the energy in your home, re-programming the messages that resonate through the walls, invoking peace and happiness, health and well being and imparting our greatest inner desires to the universe.

Here too is a page to find some motivational inspiration, some beautiful poetry to live by and quotes to lift you and guide you.

The Seven Spiritual Laws  of Success

Happiness is something that we can be guided towards.  Deepak Chopra the great mind, body, spirit guru of our time has a particular method which he describes in his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws  of Success.  Here he discusses the law of attraction that we see in The Secret by Lorna Byrne, but he reveals seven universal laws one for each day of the week and so he instigates a daily practice, a gentle introduction to turning our lives around and putting them on a more mindful path.

Wild swimming

Taking cold showers each morning, counts in terms of bracing the system, but kind of misses the point.  There is a waterfall that our family heads to each time that we holiday in Spain.  It is my favourite part of the whole holiday.  Swimming through the cold, cold water into a natural cave and grabbing onto a rock, then looking up at the torrent of water cascading over the mossy outcrop of rock, catching sight of the rainbow created through the refracted light of the mist.- there is nothing like it in earth.  You emerge from the water elated an invigorated.

I made a concerted effort to get into the sea near my home in Brighton as many times as I could this year, trying to combine a quick dip with a shopping trip.  Such stolen moments generate a well being for the rest of the day and really help you to feel alive.  Wild Swimming: 150 Hidden Dips in the Rivers, Lakes and Waterfalls of Britain by Daniel Start.

If happiness is on your agenda, then an absolute must is the work of Dr Masuro Emoto.  Look at my section on his water crystals in my Health section, but do buy his book.  It is a life-changing read.

In the prologue to his book he asks you to look at your own life and to ask your self if you are a happy person.  Happiness may be many things to different people but Dr Masuro Emoto’s definition is useful:

‘Do you have a sense of peace in your heart, a feeling of security about your future, and a feeling of anticipation when you wake up in the morning?’

Not many people will be able to offer a resounding yes to this.

Find out here how water can change your mood.

For more insight into Mind body and spirit, looking at Yoga, Ayurvedia, Deepak Chopra and Kahil Gibran

“When one reaches happiness, one is close to perfection.” The great Taoist sage Chuang Tzu

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