Six fundamental needs for each and every human being

I have recently become really interested in the emotional side of healing.  The very important area of our lives that it is really easy to side step when we decide to go on a diet.  It may be the stuff that we ignore is the bit that helps us to fail.

Tony Robbins was a name I heard over six years ago when my sister and her partner went to one of his legendary weekend courses and came back dynamic, hugely motivated and vegan.  I have recently turned to him while looking for that something else to help others come to terms with their health issues.  What I found was a whole u-tube library of motivational tools and techniques and lectures.  From this I gleaned that all of us need the following in our lives in order to be happy and self fulfilled:

  • Certainty – for example job security or feeling secure in your relationship, maybe even the knowledge that you will live to see another day.
  • Variety – making everyday a bit special in some way, being open to new ideas and choosing paths that we are unfamiliar with.
  • Significance – a need to be appreciated for who we are – to know that what we are doing right here right now is important.
  • Love and connection – All we need is love.  In all of our relationships.
  • Growth – As Tony Robbins says – when we stop growing “we die”.
  • Contribution – the need to share our talents, the amount of voluntary work that we do or the difference we make to other people’s lives.

Remember as you go in search of these fundamentals that as we give, so do we receive.

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