All you need is love; the rose quartz crystal

When you are in need of some tenderness, love and care, bring some rose quartz into your life.  Rose quartz will give you a rosy glow:  A way of looking at life with a softer focus maybe with rose tinted glasses.  It gets to work on the heart chakra and it’s message is love.  Love is all around us.  It is everywhere; in all our relationships, with those nearest and dearest, with our families, with friendships, business partners and work colleagues,strangers on the street but most important in all of these is how we love ourselves.

I have learned very much to follow the adage ‘give and receive'; so with rose quartz goes the instruction that if you are looking for love in your life first you must give it.   How we treat others must surely reflect in how they treat us.  It is my belief that you need to lick your own wounds before trying to attract others to you.  If you have negative patterns of hurt, confusion, anger, barriers, a lack of confidence; a lack of self love you will only carry these into any other relationship that you bring forth.

Rose quartz is for the love within yourself.  So use it to build up self respect, let it melt away your anger and frustration, let it soften your edges, let it wash over you with calm, happiness, but maybe most importantly let it grant you an acceptance of who you are.  I think that when talking about love acceptance is a huge fundamental part of it.  When you can accept yourself  for who you are, then love follows.  Of course this is the same for all relationships; when you can accept for example your mother, father, brother or sister for who they are, how they might have treated you; when you release pain, hurt, anger, frustration, when you give it all up, the space that is left, can be filled with love. If you are wanting to attract a kind, warm, happy, loving soul into your life, then this is how you should see yourself.  So mend your self first, get yourself strong and self confident, don’t keep trying to find that other half to make you whole, be whole yourself, be happy with who you are and what you are giving out.

When choosing or buying a crystal, remember that it is the crystal that will choose you.  Give yourself time and let it come to you.  If it catches your eye as you walk past a window, let it speak to you.  Maybe you will receive on as a gift.   If nothing jumps out just take one home, don’t worry about it, the stone has come to you nevertheless.

Look after your stone.  Crystals are programmed by whoever owns them.  So you need to clean your crystal and re-programme it with your own special intentions.  If you are lucky enough to have a river close to your home, or the sea, then cleanse your crystals there (only if they are quartz, other crystals can be damaged in water).  They can be left in sunlight or moonlight to dry and or cleanse.  Sage can be burned and smoked over them to unglue the sticky mass of energy that may have accumulated around them.  Now I can’t see energy, I can’t tell you that I know what I am doing here.  I am only doing and repeating what I have been told.  Some of you may be far more intuitive here and will sense the cleansing as it happens.  I am working on my energy sense through a meditation course (The Clairvision School).  But for now I can only say that I have experience the power of crystals at work.  If I’ve been told that I must cleanse them periodically, then I will do so and I am telling you this also.  So get rid of the gunge, the stuck energies and see this as a reflection of yourself, giving yourself the best, shaking off the stuck energy patterns in your life.

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