Feng Shui

For many people, moving furniture around and putting nice plants and a three-legged toad in the right place are what spring to mind when Feng Shui is mentioned.

For me it is the other way round.

Take a look at your house.  How would you describe it? Clean, colourful, cold and damp, cluttered, or a family home?  What pictures do you have on the walls?  Happy memories, nothing at all, single women, ancestors? Have you got photographs up?  Who have you placed at the top and who underneath?  Are there people missing?  Your subconscious was at work as you put up those photos and pictures.  Now let them speak to you.

If you work at home or have an office space what is it like?  For this is your future.  What is it telling you?  Is it the same message as your home?  Are you in control, or are you losing it, or is control ruining your creativity, do you find it difficult to let go…worried that if you start you may not stop unravelling. Where are you heading?  Is it clear?  Is your chair in a powerful position in the space for example diagonally placed from the door and facing it?  Do you have images of prosperity around you?, the plans for your extension, or maybe wires and wires protruding from every socket lacing an intricate network of electromagnetic stress for you, or cluttered un dusted shelves piled high with stuff, work literally piling up around you and hanging over you.

When we understand the law of attraction in The Secret we can see how our intentions manifest our desires in Feng Shui, activating our wealth, abundance and fortunate blessings area on the Bagua map will place an emphasis in our lives that will attract.  Intention is everything.  Placing a Citrine crystal or Chinese coins and a jade plant in your wealth area of the Bagua map will generate the energetic resonance that the universe will answer to.

I suggest that before any activation takes place that you look to the real heart of your issues.  The answer is within you.  Let your house speak to you and quietly contemplate what needs to change.  Clear any clutter for this is where you can let go of issues that need to be resolved, and invite new energy into your life.

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