Flowform water features

Flow forms offer the ultimate ‘small water’ Feng shui enhancement.  This life-giving, rejuvenating cascade emulates a mountain stream and represents abundance of all that is good in life.  It symbolises wealth and vitality.

What makes the Flowform so utterly unique from other fountains or cascades is that it generates the lemniscate or infinity sign, figure of 8 as the water is gently guided through the water course of forms; softly bouncing in swirls and vortices and mimicking the natural eddies of the river as it metamorphs with increased vitality.  The Flowform brings all the soothing and rejuvenating effects of the mountain stream right into your garden.

The figure of 8 offers a double whammy as it is an auspicious number in Feng Shui and so the spirals that are created will enhance the effect of the fountain.

Fountains should be placed in the North of your garden or in the East or South East.  A fountain should not be placed directly in from of the front door as it may disrupt the flow of beneficial chi into the house.  Neither should you look out of your front door to a fountain on your right as this might invite a third person into your marriage.

It goes without saying that the fountain should be kept clean, fresh and invigorated, as this is the kind of energy that you would wish to invite into your life in abundance.

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