In the manner of Wabi Sabi, like a Japanese tea ceremony, the flowform can instil a simple, economic beauty that is captivating and calming.  The energy that it radiates is enhancing and relaxing and will imbue harmony for the soul.  It will instigate release, a letting go allowing new energy and life in.

The flowforms™ are works of art, inspired, developed, researched and crafted over a lifetime by artist and sculptor John Wilkes.

He describes a flowform as an ‘organ’ and we see that it pulsates with the rhythms of life.

Spirals are abundant in the natural world.  We see ferns, ammonites, horns, pine cones , seashells, climbing plants, snails and of course the whirls and eddies, the lemniscate of flowing water.

This spiralling motion charges life forms energetically and this process is fundamental to the survival and evolution of life.

Flow forms will regenerate our living spaces, the water that we drink and the energy that we receive.  They will activate our lives and rejuvenate our beings.

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