Space Clearing

orchidSpace clearing is a ritual, a ceremony that provides a framework for giving thanks for all that you are and for all that you have.  It allows you to generate a high energetic frequency that will shift stagnation from your life and allow you to give focus and clarity to your goals and innermost desires.  It will send a strong message to the universe and will provide a confident and powerful start to new beginnings.  Read Karen Kingston’s book Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui for much more detail about the benefits of this beautiful ceremony.

For the ritual you will need:

  • Candles,
  • A bell or tingshas
  • 2 ceremonial bowls (one not used for anything else)
  • A bottle of fresh non-carbonated mineral water
  • Incense
  • Fresh flowers (collected from the garden is great if you have them)
  • Unopened rock salt
  • Harmony balls

Ideally when doing Space Clearing, you should be in good health, not pregnant or menstruating (at these times you should be conserving energy).

Take a shower before hand and wear fresh clothes.  This goes for the whole family or whoever is taking part.

ceremonial bell

The Ceremony

  • Clear any clutter (don’t get too hung up on this but try to ensure a clean and tidy space)
  • Set up the altar with flowers and lit candles, incense, objects of your choice such as crystals, stones or coins, photographs, statues or images.
  • Activate your ‘holy’ water by following these simple steps:
  1. Set up the 2 bowls on the altar
  2. Into 1 put the salt into the other pour the water
  3. Ring a bell over the bowls to purify the salt and the water.
  4. Still your mind
  5. Hold a hand over each bowl and stretch your fingertips down until, just above the surface but not quite touching the salt and water.
  6. Intend a pure clear channel of universal light streaming through your crown chakra and through your fingertips into the salt and water.  After a while cross your hands to the opposite bowls and continue the stream of energy.  Release this energy for a few minutes and then ring the bell.
  7. As the sound is reverberating take a pinch of salt and drop it into the water, then add a further two.
  8. Move the salt bowl to one side and concentrate on the salt water, using both hands to activate it with pure energy for a few minutes.  Mantras can be used if appropriate.
  • Move outside your home. If you have a garden allow each family member to make an offering to the ground, dig a hole and place your gifts into it before covering it once more.  Make use of coins, fruit, crystals, a picture or a thank you.  Ask the spirit of the earth to protect your dwelling and give good health, abundance and happiness to all who dwell in it.
  • Go around the parameter of the house sprinkling water, salt and petals, invoking protection as you go.
  • Pay attention to your threshold – liberally scatter salt petals and ‘holy’ water as you enter your home.
  • Move around the entire ground floor scattering water, salt and petals, keeping to the walls to your left and following all the way round until you meet stairs up or down, keep to the left until all floors have been completed and you are brought down floor by floor to the ground again.  Basements should be done as well as attics but obviously only if practical, if not use your intention or include them with a shining torch.
  • Having made a grand tour of your home once proceed to do this twice more, the first time clapping out the stuck energy, reaching high up the walls and down low to the floor, clap into the corners and any crevice that stuck energy might lurk. On the next tour, use bells or tingshas to sound out the energy and to raise the energetic frequency of the house.
  • After you have done these three tours, settle in next to your altar and all of you make wishes for the future.  Even better write them down.  Take time to give thanks for all that you have and look to your year ahead.  This is a time to voice your desires and dreams.  Really mean your thoughts and sound them out rhythmically with a sounding ball or anything that you have to hand.  When all your wishes have been said go back into the house for a final time and shake, ring, clap and dance to your hearts content, ringing out your happiness, love and wishes for your future.

Dowsing rods are excellent tools that provide a visual confirmation of the changing energy.  Stuck energy is manifested as the rods crossing inwards and maybe in towards you.  Positive energy will remain parallel or the rods will swing out and away from each other.  If any stuck energy remains simply, clap it out or ring it out, you can watch the process if there are two of you.  Spooky stuff!

This ceremony may seem strange and ‘happy clappy’ well it is! But I have to say this is so empowering and children absolutely love it.  They usually show little or no inhibitions and make great scatterers clappers and ringers, making the whole process much quicker (it needs to be as their patience will have limits!) and much more fun, if a little less intense, concentrated and meditative.

In order to train with Karen Kingston to be a professional Space Clearer, she insists on candidates undertaking the following:

  • Regular Hatha Yoga practice
  • At least three years of the clairvision course
  • Colon cleansing
  • And a few more besides.

It seems that when going in to someone else’s space it is vital that you do not carry with you any emotional baggage. Your mind, body and spirit must be healthy, vital and positively charged.

So bear all this in mind when you are working on your own space.  Keep it upbeat and beautiful for it will carry a lasting resonance that will be affecting you on a daily basis.


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