The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

This wisdom comes from Deepak Chopra a world-renowned western medical practitioner with an Ayurveydic upbringing and bestselling author with many mind body spirit titles to his name. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for Parents, I particularly like because it offers such a gift for your children and is broken down into easy to understand language and concepts.  He suggests that one law is remembered on each day of the week.  Deepak Chopra also has an adult version of this so do not believe for one moment that this isn’t absolutely relevant to you right now.

Sunday – Pure Potentiality

On Sunday we can encourage children to give quiet time for thought.  Ask them to imagine setting their hearts on all that they can be.  As a family, take time to explore the wonders and infinite possibilities within Nature.  Maybe cut an apple in half (a beautiful Rudolf Steiner method is to cut it through between the top and the bottom of the apple) It produces the most wonderful star shape.

Look at the seeds inside, pure potentiality is not just about the tree that may grow from these seeds but the entire orchard.

Monday – The Law of Giving

There are three suggested activities for Mondays.  Each member of the family should be encouraged to provide a gift for another member of the family.  A gift can be a thank you, a kiss or a picture, even a smile.  The second is to receive graciously. As adults we often find it difficult to accept help.  This is a really useful lesson in life to learn as we see that the joy and pleasure is derived from the giving, if we fail to respond to offers of help we are stopping that person enjoying the moment of giving.  Finally, understanding gratitude is a wonderful lesson for children to learn from an early age and giving thanks in our daily lives will bring new energy and abundance into our lives.  The last activity for Monday is a simple ritual of gratitude, maybe a holding of hands around the dinner table and offering thanks for the food and for happy thoughts on the day. More about this

Tuesday – The Law of Karma

On Tuesday we look into our hearts as we make choices in our daily lives.  Children are asked to decide with their hearts whether or not they feel they have made the right choice.  Look at one of the choices made through their day and explore their feelings with it.  Discuss past choices that you have made and how it has affected your life.  Look at the concepts of right and wrong in terms of how they make you feel.

Wednesday – The Law of Least effort

Deepak Chopra coins this perfectly with the phrase “go with the flow”.  When we find ourselves on or true path we find everything effortless and joyful.  Children can be supported with a daily task by making it fun, emptying the dishwasher can become a musical, turning up the radio and singing into the wooden spoons, or something less dramatic!  The family should discuss ways to make life easier, maybe just through a change in attitude or by paying more attention to looking after ourselves, drinking more water or sitting down quietly more often each day.  Let your children voice their ideas, all to often we miss those intuitive thoughts, slow down and star t acting on them.

Thursday – The Law of Intention and Desire

On Thursday we encourage everyone in the family to understand the idea of careful consideration, and of being nurturing and attentive to enable things to come to fruition.  A younger child may see this through the planting, nurturing and caring for a seed into a plant.  Older children can write a list of their wishes for the week, this does not need to be a shopping list, but could mean improved friendships, a friend to play or to get the part in the school play.  It is important for everyone to understand that wishes can take place over time or very quickly.  The universe has a unique way of delivering the results that can be quite extraordinary.  Like seeds there are different rates of germination and patience here is the virtue; ‘patient expectation’.  In fact trivial insignificant desires may be displaced and not come about simply because other more earnest desires hold truer.   Desires from the heart will come about more quickly than those constantly uttered and pestered for.

Friday-The law of detachment.

This is where we honour our wishes by allowing ourselves to let go of them. We have let our true thoughts be known, they are lodged in our hearts, now we can carry on, enjoy the present, live for today, because today in all of its uncertainty, is where all the happiness and joy is.  Don’t forget to enjoy the journey.  Worrying about the future deprives you of the pleasure of today.  God, the creative universe, angels however you wish it known or understand it is within us all; we are citizens of the universe and the universe is taking care of us.  We are all taking care of us.  This is a concept for Friday discussion; we can let go of our desires happy and trusting in the knowledge that we are in the care and protection of divine spirit.  Children love these fairy tales and this is a wonderful offering of security.

Saturday -The Law of Dharma

Dharma in Sanskrit means duty, purpose and law.  This is where you can explore the fact that we are all here on earth for a reason.  Everybody has a unique gift or indeed gifts that can be shared for the good of others.  The greatest realisation will be the discovery of this gift and the greatest reward will be to use it to help others.  Success here is measured through fulfilment.  This is a time to look at where you are, your vision and your path ahead.  This is also a day for serving someone else.

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