I am going to kick it off with a look at meditation:

Where; in a field with grass tickling your toes, in an ashram, on warm sand, on a beautiful embroidered satin cushion, in a rooftop attic space with gauze curtains billowing in the warm summer breeze, on your bedroom carpet your children snoring quietly in the bed beside you in the early morning, in a bedsit wrapped in your favourite shawl, on a rug, or even in a yurt set up in your back garden for the weekend to help you celebrate your birthday.

With what: Japa beads for dedicated repetitive mindfulness; a statue of Lakshmi the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), fortune, and the embodiment of beauty; a rose quartz crystal ball giving out gentle vibrations of love and especially of loving yourself; a candle for presence, spiritual presence.  Absolutely nothing, just yourself and the stillness that you create and bring.

How: Just be quiet, be still.  Give yourself the gift of being present.  Let your thoughts go inwards, feel the breath.  Use guided meditation  or repeat a mantra.  But don’t forget that this journey, this spiritual journey is about you and your awakening and connections.  Let be, do not try; let this process unfold over weeks and months.  Feel expansiveness from within.  Feel peace in your belly.  Allow knowledge in its purest form to present itself to you, without thought.  Let go of judgement, stop listening to your inner voice.  Move towards the silence.

Thoughts on stillness:  Celibacy and a vow of silence is necessary to preserve energy, energy that can be used for reaching the divine.  The throat chakra can be suffering from an imbalance if you cannot voice your opinions, hopes, fears or alternatively if you can’t stop talking.  Yoga postures such as shoulder stand, fish posture and plough can all generate movement of the throat chakra which will free up the energy and help to rebalance this chakra.  In Western terms the throat chakra is located over the thyroid and parathyroid glands, reponsible for stabilising temperature in the body.

The Role of Calcium in the Human Body…
and how the Parathyroid Glands Control ALL Calcium Levels in our Bodies.

Parathyroid disease is treated by parathyroid surgery.First a word about CALCIUM and what it does in our bodies. We use many elements in our bodies to perform all the different functions of life.  Calcium is essential to life, and is used primarily for three things:

  1. To provide the electrical energy for our nervous system.  The most important thing that calcium does in the human body is provide the means for electrical impulses to travel along nerves. Calcium is what the nervous system of our body uses to conduct electricity. This is why the most common symptoms of parathyroid disease and high calcium levels are related to the nervous system (depression, weakness, tiredness, etc, etc). Much more about symptoms of parathyroid disease on another page.
  2. To provide the electrical energy for our muscular system.  Just like the nerves in our bodies, our muscles use changes in calcium levels inside the cells to provide the energy to contract. When the calcium levels are not correct, people can feel weak and have muscle cramps.
  3. To provide strength to our skeletal system.  Everyone knows that calcium is used to make our bones strong, but this is really only half the story. The bones themselves serve as the storage system that we use to make sure we will always have a good supply of calcium. Just like a bank vault where we constantly make deposits and withdrawals, we are constantly putting calcium into our bones, and constantly taking calcium out of our bones… all in small amounts… with the sole purpose of keeping our calcium levels in the blood at the correct level. Remember, the most important role of calcium is to provide for the proper functioning of our nervous system–not to provide strength to our bones–that is secondary.

In nutritional terms Kelp – the seaweed can be extremely useful in helping to regulate the thyroid gland.

In my meditation course I have been taught the method of throat friction. A practice said to stimulate the third eye.  So we can see how in so many ways, it all comes together.  In stillness.

Read Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now, Listen to Jon Kabat-Zinn – Guided mindfulness meditations.

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