Purity and Purification

I have long been interested in Space Clearing, a technique used to purify spaces through clapping out stuck lower energies, burning incense, throwing salt and introducing higher frequencies through the ringing of bells, speaking of dreams and wishes and through meditation.

I was interested to become a practitioner and to take a course with Karen Kingston, author of Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui.  However I was intrigued to learn that she would not let you onto her course to learn how to become a space clearer, before you had first cleared yourself.

What Karen Kingston actually specified was:

The most important prerequisite is to have done enough personal work to develop the subtle body structures, level of perception and degree of etheric awakening that are foundational to the practitioner training.

This captured my imagination as she suggested daily hatha yoga and regular exercise, colon cleaning, ensuring that you have no sexual hang ups, well developed self esteem, a natural rapport with people, animals and places.  She also requested that you be committed to releasing the need for suppressants such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar, over eating etc,  to have no obsessive behaviour patterns etc.

She also asked for at least three years meditation training with The Clairvision School before she would have any involvement with you on her course.

Such is the importance that she places on the purity of the person who is going to purify the space.  What Karen Kingston understands through her subtle energy reading, is that it is no good clearing stuck energy from a place and then reintroducing other murky energy into it.  In order to bring about an increase in frequency, you must yourself work on raising your own frequency.

So we can see that when for example meditating; if we are aiming for heightened awareness; then in order to attain that level, we must purify our mind, body, soul and home.


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