My aim is to keep this site as simple as possible but also to offer the detail that I so craved when trying to understand the health issues that we face.  I am now happy and confident to share what I have learned. This page, at first, was 27 pages long.  But I have taken an axe to it and provided you with six very simple truths and inexpensive solutions that will help you to tackle virtually every health complaint.


The most important change in your life must be to ensure that you are getting enough water in your diet.  If you do nothing else increase your water intake to around 1 1/2 litres per day.  It is important to space it out.  Don’t drink more than 1 litre in an hour.  Get into the habit of drinking a good glass 1/2 hour before meals. If you are a ‘cold’ person make sure that you don’t overdo it and drink warming herbal teas, or at least drink water that is room temperature.

Better than this ‘activate‘ your water.  Learn why and how you can generate vibrancy and life force in 70% of your body.

If you think that you already drink lots of water then measure it.

It can be advisable to take 1/2 teaspoon of Celtic sea salt or rock salt per day to compensate for this increase in fluids.

This simple dietary change has saved many a life and cured many an acute and chronic illnesses.  Read more about de-hydration or more importantly re-hydration here.

“[c]ultivate the TWO QUART PER DAY habit, and you will find that your constipated condition will vanish, and that your digestion will improve; and that you will begin to plump out again, and your cheeks will take on a rosy hue.  You will have more blood in your system, and you will feel better in every way”

– from The Practical Water cure

Flax seed

When our body becomes stressed through disease or worry it tries to protect itself by coating each cell in cholesterol.  This coating will inhibit the movement of essential nutrients in and out of the cell.  Flax seeds contain essential fatty acids in a combination that are extremely beneficial to our bodies.  Unsaturated fatty acids help to flush out cholesterol from the body.  This in turn leaves extra space for more water to be taken in and to start a return to our full potential.


I don’t mean lose weight although doubtless you will.  This is about turning a sugar, bread, and alcohol craving body into a Candida (yeast) free, vibrant glowing body that radiates health and happiness.

There has  been a lot of interest recently in the 80:10:10 diet which is a diet based mainly on fruit and greens and a little vegetarian protein.  The emphasis is on the diet being free from any added fats and has a moderate approach to high fat foods such as avocados and nuts.  Without the fats clogging up your system the simple sugars found in the fruits can access the cells efficiently and provide a simple fast form of fuel.  It is only when fats coat our cells and inhibit absorption that we can see fruit sugars and complex carbohydrates presenting so many issues.

I wish that I could say that there is a magic bullet out there, a superfood that everyone can live off happy and healthy forever after. The truth is that everyone is different. Everyone has a unique personal history. We store our life’s issues within us and they will present health issues in a myriad of forms. Some people are hot and tired, others are cold and deficient. For some people a good raw foods cleanse can provide more energy and yet for some this could be detrimental. We will take a tour of different conditions and look at specific foods for these groups. There are also diets to target specific issues such as the Candida diet and also a cancer rejuvenation diet. This is a very detailed area of my website so please bear with me. My aim is to be totally comprehensive on some of these important subjects.

“It is estimated that 70 per cent of the British population have a yeast infection”

Read more about what you can do to help your body to heal itself.


Fresh air, exercise and good breathing habits will flood your body with oxygen.  Spending more time outside will give you all of the natural benefits of sunlight.  At the same time you will begin to release stress and tension, you will start to unwind, let go, relax and breathe deeply. For those people who have a particularly deep picture of disease there are some oxygen therapies that I will discuss that might prove to be very beneficial.

Your health and vitality depend on oxygen; make sure that your body gets it in abundance.

Yoga is a wonderful way to enhance your mind, body and spirit.  It stretches and tones your body, it squeezes and massages your internal organs and it calms your mind.  What better way is there to start getting oxygen into your cells?


Take a look at your teeth.  Many studies suggest that your teeth may be the root of the majority of ill health.  Take a look at this article on Boron to see how a micromineral might just be the key to getting the calcium in your body into the right place.


Naturopathy isn’t just about eating your way to health.  One key part of treating any disease is the elimination of toxins from the body to ensure that energy is freed up or released  to the right area of your body in order to speed up or to control the healing process.  There are many ways to do this and also some ancient ‘cure all’s’ that offer some astonishing results.

And there it is; the path to health, in a nutshell.  Believe me I wanted to give you all 27 pages of it.  By all means read the detail, the examples and the testimonies.  But these five steps will change your life.  Oh and one last, very important thing to remember is to believe in you, your power to change.

My friends and family have made wonderful, willing guinea pigs for these ideas.  I share with you their testimonies.  But please do help to keep the information flowing and give me your own stories.  If you do any research of your own and find some gems of information, please send them to me. It is your feedback and evidence that will keep these pages alive.  Encouraging more people to discover their own solutions and to try a new path in their quest for knowledge.



  1. hello gem, im still going, and on the mend, the nutritionist at hosp yesterday, said im to eat greens (k) stuff in moderation, bit annoying to me, i usually eat them by the plate load,.

    • Hi Richard,
      Fantastic that you are on the mend.
      How are you feeling?
      Did she mention flax seed or Omega 3’s? They are particularly helpful for arterial plaque and also help to reduce inflammation. You can freshly grind flax seed and eat with your morning cereal, or you can use flax oil or Omega 3 capsules/fish oil capsules. A better form of this is EPA/DHA which can also be taken in supplement form and are more broken down for your body to be utilise better.
      She probably doesn’t want too much movement in the body. You need to be really gentle, hence the moderate greens.
      This is a time when you really can put your feet up.
      Much love Gemma x

  2. ta gems, i mentioned omega 3, and she was happy with me taking them, so ive ordered some, my inr is up to 2.9, which shes happy with, and apart from a few dizzy spells, am not feeling too bad considering the clots i had, are, flaxseed oil capsules wat i want/need,.

  3. Richard,

    Are you on Warfarin? That would explain the greens. I have the following link which you should find useful.

    It suggests not restricting anything but continuing as you normally would. So that they can get the dose right for you. The vitamin K in all those greens works against warfarin and this is why she has asked you to moderate your intake I suspect. Do not do anything without checking with her first as she will be trying to find a best fit balance with you.
    You can take flax seed in capsule form or as freshly ground seed or as an oil (which needs to be kept in the fridge)
    Remember that with everything going on, your liver is not happy and the liver processes oils. Oils will be hard work for your liver right now, so only start with one capsule per day for a week and see how you go.
    Go get well Richard.
    Gemma x

  4. And one more thing Richard,
    One thing that you can do while you have your feet up, is breathe. Breathe really deeply and slowly. Breathing is one of the best forms of cleansing that we can do and most of us don’t do it properly. There are loads of U tube postings that will show you how to breathe properly and there are different exercises and techniques to try.
    Oxygen is absolutely vital, don’t underestimate the power of the breath.
    So sit quietly and breathe slowly and deeply.
    Gemma x

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