Candida Diet

I have recently learned more about Candida and some of the issues that people with it face in trying to get rid of it.  Many have said that you must stick to the diet for many months as it can take that long to get rid of this beast.

However more and more I am coming to see Candida and indeed other yeasts and moulds as blooms that flourish and subside with sugar levels and pH levels within the body.  I am understanding the life cycle of such cells and organisms to be much more short term than we are often lead to believe.  What we are seeing in the long term effects and long terms diseases of Candida are in fact new Candida cells continually reproducing and multiplying.  There are some clues in this.  The conditions in the blood must be right for these organisms to flourish and continue to multiply.  The pH level, the food supply and the temperature of the blood must all be correct to support this life form.

It is here that we must therefore look to shut these growths down.  To our own blood and guts.  What can be more important then than creating an environment that these microbes cannot survive in.

Stage 1.

A strict anti-yeast diet to starve the candida

So what are the NO’s in the anti-candida diet?  Well most anti-Candida diets tell you to stay off fruit, all sugars and yeasts.  I am going to tell you to cut out fat instead.  Yes cut out fat but eat fruit and plenty of vegetables.  It turns it all on its head doesn’t it?  I have taken this turn after reading the 80:10:10 diet by Dr Douglas Graham.

He goes into a lot more detail, but basically explains that all the time we are coating our food in fat, or even eating high fat foods such as meat and cheese, butter and eggs, that we are ensuring that our cells are also coated in this sticky mass of fat.  This kind of coating plays havoc with our blood sugar levels as it prevents effective absorption of our food into the cells and also all of our nutrients.  It also means that we are less effective at dumping our waste back out of the cells.

And these are the yes’s: fruit and tender greens.

Dr Graham is a Frugivore in that he is eating mainly fruit with some greens.  He believes that essentially we are all made to be frugivores and that it is our straying from this inherent path that is causing us such disease.  I have not gone that far.  Let me tell you that it is difficult, especially during the depths of a British winter.  But it may well be the best thing that you ever try if you are trying to beat this Candida thing.

The key thing with eating fruits and green vegetables is their digestibility, without fat in the system these foods hold the key to efficient eating.  They alkalise the body (yeasts and moulds prefer an acid medium) and in such efficiency lies less waste.  Without waste Candida struggles to feed.  It is as simple as that (well probably not, but how I choose to see it anyway).

Stage 2.

An individually tailor-made supplement programme providing vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system

This is where consulting a naturopath or nutritionist will examine your specific history and look at particular problems.

This is where you should judge for your self.  Do you need more specific advice?  Is your disease long standing or particularly deep?

Bowel Cleanse

The first thing to look at is your daily bowel movements.  Constipation is anything less than 1-2 bowel movements per day. It is necessary to ensure that your colon can cope with the toxicity produced as the Candida ‘dies off’.  If your bowel is sluggish the Candida will remain.

Colonic irrigation will ensure that everything is clear before you start.

  • You can do it yourself with an enema kit.
  • With Vitamin C

High doses of Vitamin C can give you loose stools.  Vitamin C tablets can be increased daily until bowel tolerance is achieved. Viridian Ester-C 500mg Vitamin C

The best Vitamin C on the market as I understand – is Lypo-spheric Vitamin C used by Dr Andre for treating cancer patients in his Clinic of Hope, a centre for alternative cancer, and metabolic disease therapies.

It is claimed that ‘It’s the most bio-available, anti-aging, health-promoting, easy-to-swallow Vitamins.’

  • Or with herbs:

Described as ‘colonics in a capsule’ it gets the body in tip-top shape for dealing with the toxicity to come, by regulating bowel movements. Basically giving your body a real clear out.  This is a product from


This product comes from a Middle Eastern recipe, used for over 100 years to treat many illnesses of the digestive system such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), diverticulitis, constipation, diarrhoea, weight-gain, skin problems etc.  Natural Balance can be used on its own as a detox, or as part of a complete detox programme.

A colon cleanse is something that I look at in my happiness section, believe it or not it first came to me from Karen Kingston a very well known international space clearer.  In order resonate pure energy your body must be completely clean and light. So a colon cleanse can be seen as part of a spiritual path of enlightenment.  Clearing out our internal clutter to free up our body and mind.

Back to earth now!

At a time when your body will be working overtime to clear up all the debris from the dying Candida, the liver will need as much help as it can get.

So one further recommendation is Milk Thistle.  It is understood to be one of the most effective remedies at providing liver support.   Milk thistle contains silymarin, which is supposed to help liver cells through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as by stimulating liver cell growth.  It also acts on the liver cell membranes actively preventing certain toxins from entering the cells.


A high quality multivitamin is also a really good idea, to ensure a steady supply of support to the body during this time of detoxification.

If you decide to go it alone, or even if you get help, the important thing is not to get too hung up on the supplements. Take the supplements that are important but don’t add further stress to your body.  If it gets too much physically or mentally, slow down or stop for a while.  Enjoy getting better don’t torture yourself with it.

Stage 3

Natural anti-fungal supplements to kill the candida

Try combating your Candida overgrowth with these essential natural treatments.

Natural treatments for Candida



Erica White recommends Calcium magnesium caprylate, a fatty acid found in coconuts.  Caprylic acid is a well-researched, natural, anti-fungal.

You may remember that Caprylic acid came up in the oils section as extremely beneficial and something that can be used in its natural raw state.

This form of caprylic acid, calcium magnesium caprylate is the best to use as this form reaches the large intestine.  In Erica White’s words this is;

‘…the root area of all other problems of Candida overgrowth.’

Different strengths are available 250mg, 400mg and 680mg you can work up to the higher strength as your body becomes able to deal efficiently with the die-off.  Different people will be affected by die off more or less severely so be warned about going in too aggressively with the higher strength.  Be prepared for the toxicity to lay you low.  If you work up the dosage slowly then your body will be more efficient at eliminating the toxins and the result will be more tolerable.


Anti-candida herbs are also included in an ancient Phoenician parasite cleanse recipe.  It includes Green Hull black walnut, cloves and oregano.  If you know that you are suffering from parasites (almost everyone is.) it would be a good idea to do this parasite cleanse at the same time.  The diet is the same and the herbs overlap.

Combining different herbs can be very useful.  Oregano oil can be used for example if sinusitis, muscles and joints and skin are still suffering after a Candida treatment with Caprylic acid as Oregano oil contains shorter chain fatty acids that can get into those small nooks and crannies and root out those crafty remnants of Candida.

Oregano oil can also be purchased separately:

There are many herbs used to combat Yeast problems, but few are as effective as Pau d’Arco (also known as Lapacho). The indigenous peoples of South America have used infusions from the bark of this rainforest giant for centuries, to cope with a range of infections and parasites.

Erica White uses a phrase that I’m sure Donkey in Shrek could have come up with:

‘Nutritional therapy is a bit like taking layers off an onion.  You see how far you can get with one approach and, if necessary, move on to another.  That is how it is with the different types of anti-fungal products now available to us.’

So for the final stage in the four-point plan;

Stage 4.

Friendly Bacteria to help restore a healthy balance of microbes in the intestines

In killing off the bad Candida guys, some of the acidity and slightly antibiotic properties of some of the herbs will have had a hit on the good intestinal flora that we need to promote.  Your daily quota of flax oil and natural ‘live’ yoghurt will have helped to maintain a good gut flora.  But in order to establish a balance that the body can maintain, in order to get the Candida back in its place, then a good 1.5 billion live bacteria every day should help to do the trick.

This company offer a money back guarantee. They are so sure of their product.

The company that make Threelac also offer Fivelac, with added strains of bacterium to maybe mop up at the end, if any Candida symptoms are still apparent.

They also offer Oxygen Elements Max.

Oxygen Elements Max is designed to distribute oxygen to the cells, increase blood flow, and neutralize free radicals. This allows the body to flush lactic acid and more efficiently enhance physical performance as a direct result of sufficient blood and oxygen circulation.

A deep picture of disease might really respond to an increase of oxygen within the body.  Increased oxygenation will speed up the rate of healing.  Parasites and fungi, including Candida hate oxygen.  It kills them.  So increasing the amount of oxygen to all your cells in your body will help incredibly well with eliminating disease.

Don’t forget what I said about the importance of water and fatty acids.  Water, flax oil and yoghurt every day are really important.

Deep breathing exercises are a free way to oxygenate your body and stimulate the drainage of the lymphatic system.  Yoga postures are also extremely beneficial here.  See my happiness section for more information on breathing and also yoga techniques.

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