Daily Routine

A Suggested Approach

Now is the time to establish a new morning routine. Here are some things to try.  There are many ideas.  The important thing is not to try them all at once.

If your body is weak and tired, adding more intake in whatever form may only add further stress.  So be gentle and most of all listen to your body.  Ask at each step does this feel like the right thing to be doing?  Gradually you should be able to combine more and more approaches and become more and more invigorated.


  • Yoga or meditation practice.  Perhaps start with a few sun salutations.
  • Oil Pulling 15-20 mins – use this time to give thanks for all the good things in your life.  Imagine full vibrant health and living to your true potential.
  • Also ‘charge your water’ for the day with life force or prana
  • Clean teeth
  • Have a good glass or two of body temperature or warm water, maybe with an added slice of lemon.
  • Wait for 1/2 hour
  • Meanwhile skin brushing for 5 mins, followed by a warm and then cold shower if you dare!(not for the frail/cold types)
  • Take any supplements required with meals
  • Have a mug of chlorella mixed with warm water or
  • Make a fresh juice , include some vegetables, or try the almond milk/lemonade recipe.
  • or make up a fruit smoothie, including some greens with it such as celery.  Even better just eat them whole.
  • Have a bowl of yoghurt mixed with a small amount of flax oil, or better still some ground flax seeds and stir in some probiotics
  • Maybe prepare a healthy breakfast such as porridge made with rice or oat milk. A delicious cold version is porridge oats soaked overnight with a few (and I mean about 6!) almonds with a freshly grated apple mixed in. (You may consider estricting grains for a while and stick instead to a low fat diet that is based mainly on fruits and greens and on the whole raw.)
  • Get up and out – the day is bursting with moments.


Start to make changes to your diet

  • Start to increase your water intake to 1 ½to 2 ½ litres per day. Include in this soups and broths.
  • Start to switch fats and oils to the good ones and really try to limit their use, make use of olive oil for salad dressings and flax oil with yoghurt perhaps in smoothies and cook sparingly with coconut oil (the best at high temperatures but still a saturated fat)
  • Cut out alcohol, fruit juice tea and coffee.  Drink water only. If water is difficult , squeeze lemon juice into it for something hot try adding a little miso (but this is a concentrated food so go easy).
  • Begin to alkalise your system by increasing your vegetable intake towards 60% of your daily consumption, introducing mainly green leafy vegetables such as kale, cabbage, broccoli and spinach.  Soups are an excellent way to enjoy these vegetables.  Enjoy raw garlic often it makes a great addition to salad dressings.
  • Start juicing vegetables to get the benefits from live enzymes. (bear in mind that too much raw food can weaken your system so pay attention to the season and balance cooked foods accordingly and avoid if already cold or deficient/frail)
  • Phase out sugars and processed foods.
  • Switch to wholegrains and aim to use brown rice, millet and quinoa as they are the least challenging of the grains.  Wheat may be tolerated if an allergy is not apparent (however it is more difficult to digest than the others)
  • Stop using commercial vinegars (look at unrefined apple cider vinegar as an excellent antibacterial, antiseptic, anti inflammatory and detoxifying alternative – it also helps to keep the blood thin) lemon juice is also permitted.

Get any die off under control before continuing.  Now would be a great time to check in with a naturopath or therapist of your choice to see where you are and to tailor a suitable and supervised programme for you.

A month or two later

  • Consider introducing a bowel cleanse; or try a raw rice cleanse (look it up in my techniques), using herbal supplements, or colonic irrigation or enemas
  • Use liver support such as castor oil packing, lecithin granules, Milk thistle, chlorella and possibly some coffee enemas and some complementary Yoga postures.

Get any die off under control before continuing.

  • Make use of anti-Candida supplements if required such as Caprylic acid, Paul D’Arco, Oregano Oil, Cloves, Black Hull Walnut.  However these should not be necessary if you are concentrating on alkalising your system as yeasts and parasites cannot thrive in an alkaline environment.
  • Add additional probiotic support such as unpasteurised sauerkraut, kefir or Threelac,


If any additional symptoms remain at the end of this approach; seek professional support from a naturopath.
Some believe that yeast issues can persist for months.  Others believe that yeasts only hang around when there is sufficient food and conditions for them to thrive in and would say that if you still have a yeast problem, then you are still eating the wrong foods.


    • Hi Laksh, If you click on my ‘Healthy’ title at the top tab you should be presented with an ‘Oils and Yoghurt’ option and from this a ‘Flax oil’ option. Let me know if you have any problems with this as I need to know that my navigation system is working properly! Hopefully all you need to know is here. Any further questions do not hesitate to ask.
      Much love Gem x

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