I have to admit that as my knowledge on this subject has increased, so too have my food choices changed.

My most up to date information has lead to the following observations:

  • cancer centres that are having success using alternative foods are all pretty much vegan
  • our teeth are like that of a primate – a chimpanzee.  Their diet is almost a half and half split of fruit and then leafy greens with 5% bark and insects
  • Look at the following comparison and you can see the benefits of a whole plant-based diet over one containing animal foods or refined foods.

Whole Plant Foods    Animal Foods           Refined Foods

Fibre                             No Fibre                        No Fibre                                                      Cancer fighters             No cancer fighters         No cancer fighters                                      Anti-oxidants                Oxidants                        Oxidants                                               Low fat                         High fat                          High fat                                                 Low saturated fat         High saturated fat           High saturated fat                                    No cholesterol              High cholesterol             High trans fat                                         Low pesticides/toxins   High pesticides/toxins    High sugar                                               No hormones               Hormones

  • I am also noticing that even vegan diets can still be high fat with an abundant use of vegetable oils, nuts avocado etc.  I am currently using no oils; frying in water and using only balsamic vinegar to dress salads.
  • I am still using cooked carbohydrates.  I believe that in our UK climate that warming foods are important.  However I am leaning more towards millet and rice than the more challenging grains of wheat, rye and oats.

I have to report that I feel amazing.  I do feel cleaner and lighter.  My bowels are much better and my energy and clarity are great.

My skin has always been dry and it is drier than when I was eating more oils.  However I do believe that this is because I still have a carbs issue and I have not yet got the balance right. I should be eating way more greens and raw food and less porridge and bread.  My own tweaking is required and I know what I need to do.  It may also be that I do need more protein foods such as nuts, beans and spinach than I am getting at the moment so still more work to do.

I will of course report back when I have made the necessary changes.  It would help if the sun could shine a bit more!  Then I’d feel more like jumping out of bed to forage for dandelion leaves in my garden to bung in my smoothie.

So the diet?

  • Nothing from a packet
  • Everything in its whole form (i.e. no oils or tofu)
  • No Animal Products

That leaves:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Grains
  • Herbal Teas
  • Herbs and spices

In order to get the amount of greens in that are required green smoothies and/or juicing will be necessary.

Remember that sprouting seeds is a wonderful way to greatly enhance their nutritional value.

One of the best books that I have found on this type of diet is the RAVE diet by Mike Anderson.

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