Dr Emoto’s Water Crystal Experiments

Dr Masuru Emoto

Dr Masuru Emoto collected samples of water from various water sources, froze them and looked at the crystals that formed under a microscope.  The results that he obtained are quite simply astonishing. Clean pristine and healing waters produced regular shaped, stunning water crystals.  By contrast dirty polluted water formed no crystal but blobbish  shapes.

He then went on to play music to the water and got similar findings, music by Mozart formed beautiful crystals and heavy metal and popular music unappealing shapes.

Then he started talking to the water, taping messages onto the sample bottles and leaving them for a while before examining them.  You really must see them to understand.  So here are some more examples of his utterly ground breaking work:

You can actually see a ‘body’ in this one.

I hate you, I want to kill you.

This tap water experiment is amazing.  Look at the transformation from before and then after prayer.  If you don’t happen to have a gushing alpine spring to hand then know that you can stand and hold your glass of water with love and gratitude in your mind.

Love and Gratitude Crystal

To me, this is evidence of the mind/body connection.  Remember that our bodies are around 70% water.  Imagine what messages we can send to ourselves.  What I am showing you is the mind’s ability to transform, to heal itself, to create health.

At this point you may think that I am a total crackpot.  But if this has grabbed your imagination the way it has captivated mine then Masuru Emoto has a book.
(And please note that it is a New York Times Best Seller).

masuro emoto


  1. Your work has fascinated me alot. I came to know about your experiments at school. I further went through your site also. Absolutely amazing.Looks like we can reduce water pollution after all !!! I would like to know if this effect stays for long or not. Also if it is applicable to other liquids also.

    • Hi,
      Thank you so much for your comments on this. The beautiful work of Masuro Emoto has really been life changing and inspiring for me. He surely demonstrates here the power of prayer. I cannot answer your questions about it lasting or other liquids as this is not my work. However imagine the idea of how much water the human body is composed of and therefore what can be achieved if we change the message that our body receives. The potential is infinite it seems. Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    • I am not sure if I have answered this before or not (sorry if I am repeating myself). But I have just found your comments. You have asked some great questions. Is is wonderful that you have such an enquiring mind. My belief is that everything on this earth holds a vibration, a resonance…this can be speeded up or slowed down depending on our environment, food, thoughts and prayers. Everything that we or others do will affect this frequency. We will attract similar frequencies and if we can all work to increase our frequency and raise our vibration then yes water pollution will be reduced and will not return. Of course with this idea then our blood which holds water will also feel the changes. The work of Louise Hay with her positive affirmations gives us evidence of this. We all need to recognise this power within ourselves and spread the word so that we can turn the tide. Thank you for spending time on my site. Do let me know if there is anything else that I can fire your interest with. Much love and best wishes from Gemma x

  2. Awesome info. I have just found out about it. It’s truly beautiful, amazing and clearly God,s design.

    • Sorry, I only just picked up this comment. This is just such an awe inspiring concept and one, that now you have seen, you will never forget. If you think of the body as a crystalline structure, then you can start to appreciate the power of your thoughts over it. With love and thanks for your comment. Gemma x

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