Oils and Yoghurt

Oils for Cooking, Medicinal oils, Oil pulling and Castor oil packing

De-hydration isn’t just about water.  In Morocco when women go into the fields to work, they carry Argon oil.  They have maintained their ancestral knowledge of the part that oils play in keeping the body hydrated.

There is a saying in Tamil:

‘Vaithiyanukku koduppathai vaaniyanukku kodu’.

This translates as:  If you spend money on oils, you can save money treating diseases and ailments.

Any attempt to re-balance the body through nutrition should address our consumption of oils that heal us.

In the West we have lost our knowledge about fats and oils.  We have been misguided, ill advised and confused by all the hype on saturated fats, trans-fats and the war of margarine against butter.

Our lack of awareness is killing us.

‘Degenerative diseases that involve fats prematurely kill over two-thirds of the people currently living in affluent, industrialised nations.  Sixty-eight percent of people die from just three conditions that involve fatty degeneration: cardiovascular disease(43%), cancer(22.4%), and diabetes(1.8%).  These deaths are the result of eating habits based on ignorance and misconceptions.’

Fats that heal fats that kill, Udo Erasmus

The problem lies in the type of fats that we consume.  So now is the time to make some changes.

There are four oils that should be incorporated into everyday use: flax oil, olive oil, coconut oil and ghee.   They are extremely beneficial and work in slightly different ways.  Get your water intake to a good daily level, make use of these oils and watch as your health turns around.  Simply ditch your margarine and anything hydrogenated for the freshest purest form of these oils that you can find:

Flax Oil – to learn more about this powerful and transformational oil click here.

Coconut Oil – to learn more about this fabulous Candida buster click here.

There are two techniques with oil, both of them with centuries of history behind them that offer amazing health benefits.

Oil Pulling should become part of your daily routine and Castor Oil Packing; a magnificent detoxifier, relaxant and pain reliever.  You can be confident that these two processes will make a real difference to how you feel.  Read more about them and what is involved in my techniques section.

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