Flax Oil

Let me tell you that this oil is transformational.  It flushes out cholesterol from your cells – taking away the protective coating that your body was using to ‘ration’ the water around the body, and allows more space for the water to re-hydrate you.

Flax oil reassures the body and brings it back to a rhythmic balance.  It also has a slightly negative charge, which means that each cell will repel another slightly and so helps the blood to stop being sticky, allowing it to flow freely around the body.  This in itself is truly healing and essential for a healthy heart and bodily functions.

Flax oil contains Essential fatty acids. You have probably heard of our need to get enough omega 3’s and 6’s.  Well flax oil has these in a proportion that is really healing for our body, as we are usually deficient in Omega 3’s.

Ancient East Indian scriptures state that in order to reach the highest state of contentment and joy, a yogi must eat flax daily.

Barbara Wren’s book is aptly named Cellular Awakening.
It has been her book that has revolutionised my thinking and has inspired and transformed my life.  It was Barbara Wren who made me truly understand the significance of flax oil in the diet and it is her Naturopathy course which I am currently studying.

Flax oil has been said to improve:

Dr Johanna Budwig was treating Cancer in the 1950’s with a combination of Flax oil and Quark (or cottage cheese or yoghurt).  Combining the flax oil with the quark breaks down the oil (emulsifies it), for greatest absorption by the body.  This combination is really important for maximising the healing potential.

Johanna Budwig, a seven times Nobel Prize nominee, a world -renowned Scientist and Biochemist, explains her approach in her book:

Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis Heart Infarction Cancer and Other Diseases

How to take flax oil

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of flax oil with 6 teaspoons of live natural yoghurt (or 4 of quark).  You can work up to 1 tablespoon of flax oil with 6 tablespoons of yoghurt (or 4 if using quark).  Johanna Budwig was using this combination three to four times a day with her cancer patients.
  • Keep the oil fresh, it must be kept in the refrigerator and will only last a month or so.  If it tastes repugnant then it is not fresh and can do more harm than good.

“People who have tried both fresh and old flax oil sometimes go to great lengths to get it air-shipped fresh.”

“When someone tells me they have tried flax oil and don’t like its taste I suspect they have not tried fresh flax oil”

Udo Erasmus, 1986, Fats that Heal Fats that Kill

Get a good source; this oil is like liquid gold.


My experience with Flax oil

My experience is truly not just a physical healing but also a spiritual awakening.  I have had a huge increase in the connections that I have been making since taking the flax oil and yoghurt.  By connections I mean attracting like-minded people to me, experiencing many ‘coincidences’, having things ‘come to me’ and finding real breakthroughs in my newly acquired desire for meditation. (I couldn’t sit still long enough before!).

I have taken flax now for about six months and ‘inner calm’ is certainly something that I have experienced as a result of taking the flax oil/yoghurt combination.  I  have more energy.  My skin is clearer and less dry, my hair shinier.

I am so confident of the positive effects of this oil that I have made taking it part of a daily routine for my four children; aged between 3 and 10.  When my daughter Freja was 8, she suffered with energy slumps and mood swings and seemed to be a bit ‘disconnected’. I decided  to try Flax oil when I couldn’t tweak anything else diet wise.   Ironically out of all my children she finds things too sweet and will ask for a chunk of cucumber or a sheet of seaweed for ‘pudding’.  So realising that there was more to sugar inbalance than just well, sugars I introduced the flax oil.

I mix a teaspoon at a time for the oldest three and half a teaspoon for the 2 year old.  They eat a large pot of Rachels Live natural yoghurt between them, to which I also add a powdered pre-biotic when I have some; to provide a double whammy of that all-powerful gut flora.  The elder two started by adding a teaspoon of local or Manuka honey but I have got them out of the habit now.  Establishing this as part of the daily routine has made a significant difference not only to Freja’s moods and energy levels, but I really feel that it has affected her dynamic within the family, she is much more involved and chatty.  Flax oil has, I believe helped us to navigate through the winter ‘flu season’ in fine fettle.

I repeat what I said earlier about ‘connectedness’  Flax oil has opened us all up to better relationships and more vitality.



  1. morning Gemma,
    the more I read of your blog, the more inspired I’m becoming! As you may know, my daughter is allergic to cow’s anything and I’m wondering how to incorporate flax oil into her diet? I’ll try and buy quark but she actively dislikes soya yogurt’s consistency (so feel she won’t take to quark). I do whizz up linseeds and put them in her porridge – is this good enough?

    • Welcome Henrietta,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch. It is so wonderful to hear from people who are motivated towards change.

      A few years ago I made daily use of flax oil, taking it by the tablespoon, having been inspired by the work of Joanna Budwig and having read ‘Cellular Awakening’ by Barbara Wren. There is no doubt that it had a profound effect on me. My skin improved and I can only say that I felt more balanced and calm. I have actually come to view it as a kind of spiritual awakening, which makes sense if you read Barbara’s book. But that aside I have been exploring this path for many years now, having made the decision to study naturopathy on Barbara Wren’s Cellular Awakening Course. On a recent update day she suggested that after observing cancer patients for many years, she has come to understand that even the most healthy of us may have trouble breaking down oils and fats in our body, even the better oils. As a result she has tried cutting out fat from her diet, with amazing results. I haven’t updated my site yet because I am still working through these changes myself.

      She is due to bring a book out in May so we should understand more then. In the meantime I have switched to grinding flax seeds, just like yourself. There are of course benefits to this over and above the oil as freshness is essential with Omega 3’s. You can’t get any better than milled freshly every time.

      Initially it may be a longer wait for results than with the oils (although this might not be the case), as the oil provides a more concentrated source of the Omega 3’s than the ground seeds. However the seeds do pack in added benefits; the first of which I blogged yesterday – fibre. We do need more fibre. In addition they contain manganese, copper, and magnesium; and vitamins such as folate and vitamin B6. They also offer hormone regulating lignans. If you incorporate the green smoothies at the same time, which are also a great source of fatty acids, I feel that you and your daughter should soon really identify some of those Omega 3 benefits.

      The main point for you to understand is that Omega 3 is extremely beneficial for inflammation in the body. Your daughter’s allergic reactions are a sign of inflammation (in the colon as well as any other outward signs), so you are spot on to be looking at flax seeds to reduce her allergies.

      Your daughter is very lucky to have a mum who is working so hard to try to make her feel better.

      Keep up the great work
      Gemma x

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