Clysmatics can be used instead of enemas and flush water continuously into and out of the colon.  The nozzle remains in the anus while bowel evacuation takes place and this massaging effect will clear and release mucous and faeces and free up energy throughout the body. This can be useful where constipation is an issue.  It can shift old hard impacted faecal deposits from the walls of the colon.  It will also provide deep tissue release during a cleansing programme.  Lymphatic congestion will also be helped.

Colonics introduce 15 litres of water through the colon and allows waste to pass out at the same time.  By pinching the waste pipe water is allowed to build up to fill the entire colon.  Mucous and faeces will be removed but greater will be the effect of the whole colon being stimulated, providing an internal massage.  This method will help persistent constipation, re-educating the bowel and toning the muscles.  During a cleansing programme it will bring about deep tissue release.  It will create movement in a stagnated lymphatic system.  It can be a useful technique to do both before and following a fast.

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  1. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your support. It is great to hear such words of encouragement. I notice that you are writing from a sales position. Do you have any personal experience that you could share?
    Kind regards
    Gemma x

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