Enemas are also a very ancient technique and have been used for years in various forms.  Different solutions can be introduced to the colon to offer a range of beneficial effects:

A Water enema will create movement within the colon, helping to eliminate stored faeces.  It will stimulate reflex points within the colon, which in turn will stimulate release of stagnation in the corresponding parts of the body.  The movement created in the colon will allow for release of mucous from the lymphatic system.  Water introduced into the colon will be quickly absorbed helping with hydration.

This will be useful in times of constipation, to support a detoxification programme, to support the lymphatic system in times of stagnation or for rapid hydration after for example a long haul flight.

A Triple water enema, or three successive water enemas will increase the effects of a water enema.  This can be especially useful at the onset of a cold, flu, or sore throat.  This extra movement and shift of toxicity should help avoid a full blown fever.

An Aloe Vera enema will provide water to the colon and will offer the same benefits.  Added to this the Aloe Vera is a moisturiser and will be very soothing to the colon.  This will have an anti inflammatory effect on the mucosa in the colon.  This will prove useful for any inflammatory conditions associated with the digestive system.

It would be useful to note here that Barbara Wren suggests that there is no inflammation anywhere on or in the body without there first being inflammation in the colon.

Coffee enemas offer something quite unique to the healing process.  The pharmacologically active part of the coffee, when introduced to the colon, will be absorbed by the haemorrhoidal vein and through this is offered direct access to the liver.  The result is that this part of the coffee causes the liver to contract and this ensures a squeezing of its toxic bile out through the common bile duct into the duodenum and then into the digestive tract. The caffeine stimulates an enzyme called glutathione, which is an antioxidant that helps to rid us of toxins.

This ability to decongest and support the liver makes coffee enemas extremely useful when undertaking a detoxification programme.  Gerson made extensive use of enemas in his juicing cancer treatment programme.  While tumours are breaking down a huge amount of toxicity is released into the system and Gerson understood the need to support the liver at this time.  Joanna Budwig also spoke of the need for regular enemas during her own protocol, in order to provide both pain relief and to avoid auto-intoxication.  If the liver can be kept clear and its detoxification well managed, then there is less chance of it being overburdened with toxins and less risk of auto-intoxication.  Where there is an acute liver problem for example migraines, coffee enemas can be adopted to promote rapid decongestion and relief.

It must be noted that coffee enemas will cause some diuresis and a subsequent loss of electrolytes; calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.  So if over used or mis-used can cause additional stress to a body in the form of kidney issues or adrenal stress.

Click here for information on how to prepare a coffee enema.

Choline Bitartrate enema is also used to support the liver and can be used instead of a coffee enema when electrolyte loss needs to be avoided, when there is severe dehydration.  Its effects are more gentle and less of a stress on the kidneys and adrenals.

The Chamomile enema is similar to the coffee enema in that it s also absorbed into the haemorrhoidal vein and reaches the liver.  However its effects are mild and gently sedative and will create a calming effect upon the body.  This would be useful in insomnia cases or where there is nervousness, but also where balance needs to be restored to the digestive system.

Magnesium enema.  Magnesium is used as a muscle relaxant and when combined with water in an enema, it will help to ease tension.  This can be useful where muscles are in spasm, at the beginning of a migraine where there may be neck or shoulder tension or also where there is cramping at menstruation.

A Flaxseed tea enema is reassuring and soothing to the colon and will provide more rehydration than a straight water enema.  This technique is a good choice when commencing a treatment in to offer hydration.  It will also be useful when dealing with any inflammation of the colon.  It can also be used to sedate the kidneys if they are struggling to function.

Flax oil enemas were used by Joanna Budwig as she realised their potential for generating a great deal of photon/electron activity within the body, through the use of this light holding seed oil.  She observed that by using the flax oil enema at the start of her treatment of a patient, that is would help to ‘connect’ them and provide more empowerment for them to be much more involved in their treatment.

The Flaxseed oil implant offers the same calming and connectedness benefits as the flax oil enema, but the effects are sustained and prolonged.  This can be useful if flax oil cannot be taken orally.  Equinoxes would also be a good time for this method as their effects can be maximised.

Enemas are not advised with prolapsed organs in the pelvic area, or when haemorrhoids are problematic.

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