How to prepare a coffee enema

  • Place 1 rounded tablespoon of organic ground coffee into a non-aluminium saucepan
  • Pour on half a pint of filtered water and bring to the boil uncovered
  • Simmer for 15 minutes uncovered
  • Sieve into a 2 pint jug
  • Make up to the required volume (one and a half to two pints) with filtered water, being sure to test that the water is body temperature
  • Hang the enema bag so that the bottom is about 1 metre above the position that you will lie in
  • Ensure that the tap is in closed position
  • Pour coffee or other fluid into enema bag
  • Release air in tube by allowing small amount of fluid to run through
  • Lubricate anal area e.g. with coconut oil
  • Prepare floor area with towel or protective material and lie down with your knees up or on your right hand side.  A pillow should be used to support your head
  • Attach and insert the smaller nozzle into your anus (larger nozzle for vaginal douche)
  • Open the tap and allow fluid to gently enter, massage your abdomen as fluid ids entering
  • Hold fluid for specified time ( 15-20 mins) Massage your abdomen if you experience wind.  Of course move quickly to the toilet if you really need to release before the suggested time – the ability to hold comes with practice and can vary each time that you try it.
  • On completion, move to the toilet to evacuate the enema.

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