Epsom Salt baths

There can surely be no better way to detoxify your body than to lie back in a hot bath and do absolutely nothing but soak up the serenity!

Here you have it!

Magnesium Sulphate or Epsom Salts work  by drawing impurities out of the body through the skin to it.  Consequently when you bathe in a bath with a high concentration of magnesium sulphate (up to 1 kg – but start with a small cupful) cleansing and a release of toxicity will take place.  The heat of the bath will encourage cell membranes to release toxicity and the lymph will be thinned and will work more efficiently to bring toxins to the surface.

Need some sleep?

Magnesium is known for it’s relaxing effect on the body. An Epsom salt bath is good for most conditions but particularly in cases of achy muscles and joints.  It will also ease your mind and reduce anxiety, setting you up for a sound night’s sleep. You can use this technique with children too, let them hop in your bath!

Itchy Scratchy?

If you get a case of the itches after having this bath, it may be that you body needs more magnesium!  So cut back on the amount of salts that you are using next time and consider a magnesium citrate supplement (or other good form).

Top tip

Don’t use other lotions or potions while using Epsom salts and always make sure that the bath is clean before you start.

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