Footbaths are less profound in their effects than the tubbing techniques yet they make use of the soles of the feet which are actaully a major area of elimination.  This lesser effect can actually be very useful when treating people who need to take their treatment very slowly initially.  It lends itself of course to those people who do not have a bath or who are not mobile enough to get into one.

A mustard footbath will work towards creating an artificially high temperature , which will thin the bodily fluids, cretae movement and cause the body to sweat and detoxify through the skin.  This will generate slow movement within the body so that the body will manage the effects and the subsequent toxic load.

An epsom salt footbath can be used to draw toxins from the body.  Epsom salts are known for being useful in bringing boils to a head, so we can see how useful they can be for reducing toxicity.

A cold foot wrap will bring energy from the body to the feet.  This can be useful in situations of a fever or for an overactive brain at bedtime.  With energy focused on bringing the feet back to body temperature, the brain can relax and rest.


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