Hot Tubbing Followed By A Cold Wrap

Hot tubbing followed by a cold wrap.  This technique uses a cold wrap in the form of a sheet soaked in cold water instead of the cold tubbing.  This means that latent heat is produced from deeper within the body.  The body must work much harder to dry and warm the wrap in order to maintain the correct body temperature.  The latent heat is produced for a longer period of time due to these cold and wet conditions.  This method should be adopted when a deeper more profound effect is required on the immune system due to increased latent heat production.  A hot water bottle and a hat and socks may be used to support the body in its heat production and in maintaining its heat.  A good case example of this would be appendicitis.  The toxicity of the inflamed appendix is shifted out through the skin via the lymphatic system without challenging other vital organs.

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