Skin Brushing

Involves using a moderately stiff brush, which is used to brush away the scurf layer (uppermost layer) of skin.  This technique makes use of the fact that the skin is our largest organ of elimination, with its vast surface area.  Shifting this layer of acidity and toxicity gently allows for a whole new layer to receive more toxins for excretion.

Stimulating the skin in this gentle way will also promote movement within the lymphatic system , which is especially useful as the lymphatic system does not have a pump to keep it moving (unlike the heart of the circulatory system).

Skin brushing can put extra pressure on the colon as more toxicity will be moved into the bowel, so skin brushing should be avoided if you are not supporting the colon with enemas, castor oil packing, green smoothies etc.  Otherwise skin brushing will benefit everyone on a daily basis; removing mucous and toxins that otherwise could stagnate within the lymph and creating fantastic skin.

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