The Power of Green Juicing – Fat sick and nearly dead

My blog for many weeks was centred on the power of greens and fruits for their restorative and cleansing powers.  This 11/2 hour award winning video shows how extreme conditions can be reversed with this simple combination.

You don’t have to be fat, sick or nearly dead to benefit from the rejuvenating and health promoting benefits of green smoothies.



  1. Hi gemma …very bizarre I have come across your site I was looking at health and happiness. ..and this came up with your site. Could I have the recipe for the yummy sounding tea you mentioned! ! Amy is keen to give it a go. Was lovely to see you all last weekend Caroline xxx

    • Hi Caroline,
      So good to hear from you and to see that the search engines are working in my favour!
      I am not sure which tea I mentioned Hibiscus Iced tea or Linseed Tea, so I will share both.

      This is the original hibiscus iced tea recipe that I took from, where you can hear all about the antioxidant benefits:

      My family’s recipe is to soak a handful of bulk dried organic hibiscus flowers overnight and then blend with a knuckle of fresh ginger, a teaspoon of amla, three tablespoons of erythritol, and a handful of fresh mint leaves to make the half-gallon we drink throughout the day. By blending in the mint, you’re adding dark green leafies to what may be the highest antioxidant beverage in the world, and it tastes like fruit punch! Your kids will love it.

      In my recipe that my children make we substitute erythritol for date syrup and we freshly squeeze lemon into it instead of ginger…but ginger could stay as well. The amla we haven’t used but looks very helpful.

      The linseed tea recipe is incredibly soothing to the colon and will be crucial in helping to reduce inflammation:
      Recipe: Linseed Tea

      2 tbsp linseeds
      1 litre water

      Bring to the boil, then switch off (before it boils over, or you’ll be spending a long time cleaning up!)
      Leave for 12 hours
      Simmer gently for 1 hour
      Sieve (optional) then leave to cool.

      Note: Nothing can prepare you for the slimy gloop that this creates. I reckon that I could dye this green and sell it to kids as swamp slime. Just remember that this is how it should be and it is exceptionally good goop. So mix with warm water, swallow and soothe your colon.

      Big love
      Gemma x

      • Hi Gemma
        Thank you it was the linseed tea for amy …first batch just made …ummmmm glad its for her !!
        The hibiscus tea sounds lovely and i will be making that as well …those tea bags you had for hibiscus tea were fab…did you get them from infinity as i cannot find them anywhere.

        your site is amazing and very inspirational thank you very much

        love Caroline

        • Hi Caroline,
          Well done you. It is so important to have support with these things. Shame you can’t drink it for her too. I understand that she still had a lot of pain that night. Do you think that is was the tea or could something else in the diet have triggered the inflammation?
          I am not sure which tea bags you got…Becky did get me some from Infinity so could be those. I also ordered some online from Amazon. Either way hibiscus tea is a winner.
          Thank you too for your kind words.

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