Water and De-hydration


What have headaches, an itchy bottom, asthma, constipation, insomnia, M.E., a dribbly nose, an unbearable yeast infection and a rather embarrassing case of flatulence all got in common?

They all start with a similar picture.

What if I told you that there is a way of treating many common illnesses and symptoms, adults and children alike?

It all starts with one thing and it is free.

Water, or more specifically, a lack of it, de-hydration.

It is more than likely that de-hydration has caused your symptoms.  Whether they be serious like cancer, M.E. or M.S. or chronic such as asthma, eczema, depression, thrush or migraines or just, well keeping you below par…a tired, cranky feeling like a hangover that just won’t quit, constant colds or bouts of flu.  There seems to be just one thing after another.

Many of us think that we have a good balanced diet with fresh fruit and vegetables but we don’t give much thought to the fact that our bodies are around 70% water.  Many cleanses and detoxes, diets and supplements fail to recognise or give enough weight to the fact that the most important thing that you can do on a daily basis is to ensure adequate water intake.

In The Practical Water Cure, Yogi Ramacharaka explains how we have evolved from elementary forms of life, such as; amoeba, monera and other tiny forms of life in the slime of the ocean bed.  He describes our cells as:

‘…virtually and actually marine organisms-tiny aquatic animals in fact – capable of existence only when surrounded by a saline solution of water’

He continues to explain that; ‘

‘over one and one-half pints of water passes from the body in the shape of perspiration every twenty-four hours; and that during the same time nearly three pints of water are passed off in the shape of urine’ page 14

On top of an obvious lack of fluid: Vaccinations, antibiotics, and most medications are stressful to the body.  Wireless telephones and computer technology, mobile phone masts, electrical gadgets such as alarm clocks, baby monitors and electric blankets all give off Electromagnetic fields that add stress to the body.

The body registers stress as de-hydration

In addition to lifestyle and environmental issues; fatigue, shock and trauma all stress the body and in turn cause de-hydration.  In Chinese medicine it is understood that if this stress is not released and resolved within two years then it manifests itself as some form of disease within the body.


I cannot emphasise enough that this (the free bit) is the most important thing that you can do for your body.  If you do nothing else make sure that you are getting adequate water in your diet.

Dr F. Batmanghelidj, while held as a prisoner of war, was healing critically ill people, with water alone.  Your Body’s many cries for water

2 litres a day – if you’re eating a diet that is mainly vegetables then 1 1/2 will be enough.  Don’t get too hung up on filtered water – depending on where you live of course, (although getting one would be a good idea)– I did and all it did was create another barrier to stop me getting started…I have only just made the switch to filtered water – just do it. You can and should also activate your water.

Look at your wee! If it is dark in colour you need to drink more water (although remember that some synthetic vitamins and beetroot can also darken your urine). In the mornings this is more the case so have some the moment that you wake up.

Don’t drink more than 1 litre at a time and drink half an hour before or half an hour after eating.

Your kidneys will get overloaded if you try to drink too much at a time.  So take care to start slowly and pace yourself throughout the day.  Try to do at least one glass first thing and another as soon as you start thinking about lunch and again tea.  That way you only have a couple more to remember. (Obviously consult with your doctor if you have kidney issues that may be worsened by adding to their function).

Tea, coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks and fruit juices do not count…they are liquids but they de-hydrate the body.

Now I have something really special that I would like to show you.  A series of experiments byDr Masuru Emoto

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