Activating your water

A tap water phenomenon – Making your tap water resonate with the healing properties of life.

The Water Egg

In the industrialised world of today, aqua vivens (=’living’, energetically charged water) is a rarity. In our drinking water supply systems, water is exposed to the detrimental energetic effects of straight unnatural water pipes, high mains pressures and chemical treatments. Water is not allowed to move in its naturally winding way thereby causing loss of life force. Negative energetic imprints from chemicals, such as fertilisers, pesticides and sterilisers remain in the water, even after physical removal of such substances (Ludwig, 1991)

The Centre for Implosion Research has brought to life one of Viktor Schauberger’s creations in The Water Egg Jug.

Viktor Schauberger’s demonstrated through his works how egg shapes are synonymous with life and maintaining life.  Ancient cultures made use of breathing ceramic egg-shaped urns as storage vessels for their liquids.  Just as is suggested for The Water Egg, they also kept their vessels in the dark, in cool areas.  The recognition of this ancient knowledge has given birth to this contemporary product.  The harmonious fluidity of the egg shape and the breathability of the ceramic material means that there is no stagnation, making the conditions difficult for bacteria to take hold.  The constant convection and spiralling of the water ensures the delivery of cool, fresh and vital water.

How it works:

The egg shape naturally encourages the water to move in the lemniscate, or figure of eight spiral.  This means that there is nothing to plug in, which in turn means that there are no Electro Magnetic Frequencies to contend with.

The ceramic material allows a gentle warming of the water, as the water warms it moves to the top of the container, at this point there is a slight evaporation through the clay and this has a cooling effect. The cooler water is heavier and so descends down the inner walls of the egg until it reaches the bottom, where the convection cycle begins again.


Yogi Ramacharaka explains the power or “Prana’ of water and tells us in his book The Practical Water Cure, how water is of paramount importance in the Hatha Yoga Natural Healing System:

‘“Prana,” as our students know, is the great universal principle of energy which permeates all thing, and which has one of it’s manifestations in what is known as “Vital Force” in all living things.’


The Phi Stirrer is a neat and practical gadget to stir and energise your drinks wherever you are.   This makes for a perfect birthday gift.

Dolly Knight, from The Centre for implosion research shares her experience with you:

“My grandfather in India had an unusual ritual of stirring all his drinks, water, wine, coffee and tea, even though he did not add sugar. This was very puzzling to me as a 3 year old. Unfortunately, my grandfather died before I could ask him why he stirred all his drinks. According to my grandmother, he did not have a day’s illness in his adult life, had all his teeth and all his dark hair and lived till his early 70’s. Many decades later I have realised that this ritual must have come from a deep understanding of the flow of subtle energies. We are reminded of Viktor Schauberger’s report of an old Austrian farmer who stirred water in a large vessel chanting and adding clay minerals at the same time. His fields were treated with this energetically enriched water and were more productive than neighbouring fields. Similar methods are used in biodynamic farming to this day”

Finally this Yogi’s method of energising your water is completely free:


‘Prana permeates every drop of water, although in varying degrees.  Fresh running water contains a much greater proportion of Prana than stagnant, still water.  Likewise water that has been contained in cisterns, tanks or vessels is found to have parted with much of its original store of Prana.  And water that has been boiled has lost much of its Prana.  This lost Prana may be restored by passing the water through the air, by pouring it from one vessel to another in order to “aerate” it…In using water for drinking, it is always well to pour it from one glass or vessel to another, backward and forward , several times.’

Yogi Ramacharaka

I have used this method many times and have many friends doing just the same.  However months later  I invested in a Vortex Energiser.  It is reassuring to know that as long as I continue to take my recommended amount of water I am at the same time stocking up on my good vibrations!

Time and time again I am coming across people from all different parts of the globe who are speaking the same truths about the current state of our lifeless water supply.  Now we can provide you with a variety of ways that you can reinvigorate and recharge it.


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