Crystals of abundance


Is a powerful crystal of abundance and to me is the best.  It is a joyous bountiful stone that imparts a sunny disposition to those who care for it.    It encourages manifestation, attracting success and prosperity.  It also teaches the lesson of giving and receiving.

In addition to being a magnificently beneficial stone, it is also a powerful cleanser and is self-cleaning.  It resonates with solar energy and rejuvenates and regenerates at every level of life imbuing inner calm, confidence and a joy of life.

There is a delicate golden hue to a natural Citrine crystal that can also be yellowish brown or smoky grey-brown (make sure that you don’t get a heat treated amethyst instead).

Crystals of abundance can be placed in the wealth area of the Bagua map (looking at a plan view of your home it will be in the top left hand room/corner).

Crystals of abundance often require you to work with them for a while; for it is in letting go that you can invite new energies in.  You may find that you are re-establishing your ideals as you work with abundant energy.  Gratitude and a celebration of what you have here and now may work its way to your forethoughts.  You can look forward to an abundant future, manifesting your inner desires but also relishing every present moment of this beautiful, bountiful earth.

Other crystals that might ‘come to you’ for attracting abundance are;

Dendric Agate (also known as Tree Agate), is a crystal celebrated for its plenitude.  It attracts fullness and enhancement to all areas of life.  It has a particular affinity to nature, an earthy crystal connecting you to your roots, bringing an appreciation of each and every moment.  It can increase crop yields and makes an effective companion for house plants when popped in the pot.


This stone is restorative and promotes energy, motivation and creativity.  It can also cleanse other crystals.  It can help you to overcome negative conditioning, imparting self-confidence, success and a vibrant zest for life.  Placed near the front door, Carnelian will invoke protection and will generate affluence for the home.


For thousands of years diamonds have been celebrated for being symbols of wealth, reputedly the larger the diamond, the more success it manifests.  It also never needs re-charging as it is extremely powerful.  It is extremely creative and generates inventiveness and powers the imagination.

Hawks eye, a banded eye of a hawk form of Tiger Eye.  Helps to overcome negative conditioning and is a good grounding crystal.  It imparts vision, clarity and insight attracting wealth when placed in the abundance corner of the home.


Promotes a joyous trust in the universe, providing an accomplishment of goals, bringing with it love and good fortune.  This is another truly positive crystal that radiates success and does away with doubt.  It is a calming, relaxing stone that invites truth, openness, honesty and forgiveness.  It is a crystal of great wisdom.


Helps you to realise your full potential.  It works well to encourage inner strength and power and manifesting abundance.

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