Give To Receive

One potent method by which to attract wealth, happiness or health is the universal law of giving and receiving.  In order to receive we can first learn how to give – in abundance.  In this giving we create a deficit.  No debt in the universe ever goes unpaid.

Give and you will receive.

Give whatever you have, a smile, a compliment, support or advice.  If you are going to visit someone take a gift, a flower, a home-baked cake, some music that they might enjoy, a film they might not have seen, a box of biscuits, a book that they might like, offer to help with children or grandparents, or pay them a compliment. Get into this habit and you will very shortly see a transformation in your spirit.

Give with gratitude, willingness and happiness in your heart and you will receive it back in plenty.

As you walk down the street wish everyone well, all the strangers that you meet.  You don’t need to say it out loud, but send them love, a great day, good health, or a happy life.  This feels tremendously powerful, sharing, radiating love peace and harmony.  It is a transformational exercise and in times of a recession it is free.

The more that you give, the more you shall receive.

If you wish for something in this world you must first give it.  Imagine feeling hatred for someone, see how that energy bounces back and scorches and burrows deep into your mind and psyche.  Now imagine that feeling superimposed with love.  That love radiates and fills your own heart, soul and being with warmth and this is restorative to the mind.

We can then understand how counterproductive the desire to hate becomes, how energy depleting, exhausting and draining this negativity can be.

Instead thoughts of love will cause you to flourish.

Read more about this law in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

The Wishing-Caps

Life’s all getting and giving,
I’ve only myself to give.
What shall I do for a living?
I’ve only one life to live.
End it? I’ll not find another.
Spend it? But how shall I best?
Sure the wise plan is to live like a man
And Luck may look after the rest!
Largesse! Largesse, Fortune!
Give or hold at your will.
If I’ve no care for Fortune,
Fortune must follow me still.

Bad Luck, she is never a lady
But the commonest wench on the street,
Shuffling, shabby and shady,
Shameless to pass or meet.
Walk with her once–it’s a weakness!
Talk to her twice. It’s a crime!
Thrust her away when she gives you “good day”
And the besom won’t board you next time.
Largesse! Largesse, Fortune!
What is Your Ladyship’s mood?
If I have no care for Fortune,
My Fortune is bound to be good!

Good Luck she is never a lady
But the cursedest quean alive!
Tricksy, wincing and jady,
Kittle to lead or drive.
Greet her–she’s hailing a stranger!
Meet her–she’s busking to leave.
Let her alone for a shrew to the bone,
And the hussy comes plucking your sleeve!
Largesse! Largesse, Fortune!
I’ll neither follow nor flee.
If I don’t run after Fortune,
Fortune must run after me!

Rudyard Kipling

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