The Secret

These books and films are giving a message that is not new.  It is centuries old.  In fact Buddha, Christ and Shakespeare all feature in the pages. They speak a universal truth.

The basic premise for each of these works is The Law of Attraction; often referred to today as Cosmic Ordering.

The point is to actually ask for what we want. Yes speak it out loud. It can be seen to be like a shopping list for the Universe. As long as we know and believe that the universe can and will provide for us, our dreams can come true.  They will.

This book explains how we frequently put up negative images in our lives, obstacles that prevent the universe from getting a clear picture of our innermost desires.  Subsequently it is this negativity that is continually being manifested.

These books offer a compilation of success stories, providing examples of how to put The Law of Attraction into practice.

There is a running theme through each that also reminds us of giving thanks everyday, for everything that we have, everything that we are, and everything that we will be. This is an important message in these times where delayed gratification seems to have been usurped by impulsiveness.

So knowing The Secret you can start to believe.  If you truly believe then you can turn your world around and never look back.

There is a book ‘The Secret’ that you can read, or the DVD version would make a great present for teenagers or twentysomethings, actually anyone who could do with taking another look at their lives and where they want to be. There is also a version of The Secret specifically aimed at the next generation; ‘Teen Power’. I feel that this focus on living your dreams is such a gift for this age when they are stepping out into the world.

If you have already read

    The Secret

or would like to look at a more spiritual version of this universal truth then you can read The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn who offers a Biblical take on this with much anecdotal evidence. This book precedes The Secret by nearly a hundred years.

If you like what you are reading or watching; Deepak Chopra provides another six of these universal truths in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I have explored these in my Happiness Chapter. The wisdom that he offers in this little book is transformational and offers very practical ways of making small changes in your consciousness and simple actions to improve your life. This is a beautiful book that he also offers in an alternative version called;
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for parents which is actually a bit clearer and simpler for adults to understand as it is set up with simple easy to explain concepts that can be taught to your children.

A further inspirational book is The Master Key System.

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