Top tip for making money

I was given this piece of advice from Christian Kyriacou in a Feng Shui course that I was doing with him.  At the time he explained that this was a tool for inviting wealth into your life.  But despite his giving the advice to us many would not ever do it, as wealth is often not a true priority in our lives.

The method is as follows:

  • Choose a value of coin for example 20p or 50p.  It can be any denomination that you choose.
  • Decide on a pot to keep your money in.
  • Every day put the chosen denomination into the pot.  If you chose 50p it must be a 50p each time,(not 20’s and a 10p).  This is where things can be difficult and it is here that you are really focussing your intentions and energy.
  • You may not forget a day.  If you do you must start again.
  • You may start at any time of the month but whenever the full moon occurs you must empty your ‘money pot’ and spend your accumulated wealth on something that you don’t need.
  • The cycle can then start again, for as long as required.
  • During this time opportunities and ideas will present themselves to you.  It is up to you whether or not you choose to act on them.

Enjoy your true potential

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