Burning Embers

Hi All,

It all seems pretty romantic.  We have spent the last few days chopping wood and watching it burn.  However this labour of love has been borne out of a sense of necessity than a gentle nod to a slowed pace and lazy days.  In fact the pace has been more frenzied than I would have liked as it has been our only source of heating, on and off as the boiler decided to break down.

So sorry for not keeping you posted.  I have been busy trying to keep us all warm.  There is certainly something to be said for that rosy glow of the hearth and all that beneficial chi that we are circulating straight through the house and then roaring up the chimney.  However I would feel a little more cosy if I knew for certainty that the next shower that I was having would also leave me glowing hot rather than shivering cool.

So wishing you all a rosy glow for Easter; may you have as much chocolate as your hearts desire and may that symbol of the egg and it’s sense of rebirth bring freshness and renewed vigour to your life.

Happy egg hunting.

Gemma x

P.S.  Those hot cross buns were sensational.  We made them with wholemeal strong bread flour and left them overnight, not in the fridge but out of it (as we had no heating), I also added a load more water than was stated, to make up for the wholemeal flour and also because I had learned from a bread artisan at Seedy Sunday (another story), how bread must be a much higher percentage water than we usually do now days.  So I just kept pouring more in and kneading it until I felt that the silky texture that Nigella spoke of had been achieved.  We ended up making 4 times the recipe and ate them all on Good Friday!  We will certainly be making this recipe making an annual tradition.

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