Evidence of Substantial Harm

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I have just sent this to Waitrose and Sainsbury’s as a follow up to my earlier complaints this week about their introduction of GMO meat into their supermarkets:

Evidence of Substantial Harm

Biotech advocates will try to water down the situation, like they’ve done in the past. They might pull out their often used claim that since there hasn’t been any harm seen after feeding GMOs to hundreds of millions of people for more than an decade, we can just ignore these and other findings. But in reality, no one in the world is monitoring the health impacts of these high-risk foods on human health. And numerous disorders, including GI problems, infertility, asthma, allergies, autism, diabetes, and many others, have been accelerating since GMOs were introduced in 1996.

And it may be no coincidence that the popular GMOs that contain Gene VI show significant, even lethal results in animal studies. Roundup Ready corn, for example, caused tumors, organ damage, and early death in rats. Rodents fed Roundup Ready soybeans have been afflicted with sterility, organ damage, accelerated aging, and high infant mortality. And Monsanto’s pesticide producing Bt corn has is linked with massive immune responses in mice—among others.

I took this from The Food Revolution Summit, that is going on and I am following this week:  http://www.foodrevolution.org/calendar/april-28-is-your-food-safe/

There are many guest speakers from the States all passionately mounting a resistance to Monsanto the GMO food giant.  In the States GMO foods have been used extensively and since this time there has been a huge rise in food intolerances and many other disease states.  Many doctors are urging patients with allergy issues to avoid the GM foods.

In the summit they mentioned how successful the European campaign has been by consumers which has kept this stuff so far at bay.  But the supermarkets are caving in and bringing it through the back door.

So do everything you can at this critical time to get the supermarkets to back down.  Get some more information, write to the supermarkets to complain about this dangerous company and their foods, keep up the pressure, tell everyone that you know about it and refuse to buy it.  If they can’t sell it, they won’t buy any more.

The following offers a petition by Avaaz which is fighting Monsanto in another area; that of vegetables and fruit.  Please, please sign to help to stop them.  Nearly 2 million people have signed this petition in under 36 hours:

Our vegetables and fruit are about to be patented to grow Monsanto’s profits, making food more expensive and strangling the farmers we rely on everyday. But we can pressure European countries to step in and stop the corporate food attack. We have no time to lose — up to 800 patents are in the pipeline waiting to be approved!

Join me in this campaign here:   http://www.avaaz.org/en/monsanto_vs_mother_earth_loc/?kLxMAbb

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