Faith, Hope, Love


These three words are my mantra for 2017.

I have adopted them after they appeared in an interpretation of an Huan Yin card that I drew from the beautiful oracle pack by Alana Fairchild.

I also cast the I Ching and drew a hexagram that alluded to the meeting of heaven and earth.

You could say that I was going overboard on mystical input, but the two readings reflect my energy right now.

The culmination of these I see is spirituality; a need for my soul to spread its wings.

So this year I have decided that instead of trying to push forwards with lots of energy and enthusiasm; I am going to try a different tack. I am going to slow down and be more open to spiritual assistance and guidance, work with more intuition, prayer and most of all love.

I had an incredible cosmic gift last year: A three day all expenses paid trip to Venice for myself and my daughter.  I had manifested other things too but this was by far my biggest show yet!

I have decided that this year the universe will decide my direction.  Instead of following each and everything that presents itself to me.  I will ask for direction, guidance and pray for blessings.


So I say to you perhaps there is another way forward this year, chart your course (generally speaking), set your sails and let the wind blow you (rather than sticking on the outboard motor!).

That way you’ll be adopting the cosmic Law of Least Effort too!


Gemma x

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