Ideas for your veg box – Red Cabbage.

Fed up with ‘slaw? Not prepared to give sauerkraut a go?

Here is something else that you can do with that red cabbage: You can test your wee.

You should by now have cottoned on to the fact that our bodies need to maintain a healthy blood and body pH.  A healthy body takes in alkalising foods in order to maintain tip top health.  If we eat too many acidic foods, our bodies rely on buffer systems to stabilise them.  When the buffer systems start to become depleted, the body starts to take nutrients and minerals from elsewhere such as the bones.  It is no coincidence that as we age and accumulate more toxins and become more acidic, that our teeth and bones start to fail.  We also feel the heavy achy painful symptoms of having too much acid in our system.  Cancer too thrives only in an acidic pH.

So what is acidic and how do we know whether we need to start rather rapidly on those alkalising veggies?

Well Michael Greger has found a test that we can do at home; mixing whizzed up (or cooked) red/purple cabbage and water.  This can be strained and then mixed with your wee (in the toilet bowl) and noted for the colour change that it presents:

Pink is acidic (don’t want that).  Eat more leafy vegetables.

Purple is still heading the way of acidity. Eat more leafy vegetables.

Blue is alkaline – stay with it.

Here is his presentation:


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