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The Autoimmune Disease Series


“As above,so below”

The spring equinox on Friday treats us to a huge shift in energy.  The dormant, hibernating state of winter that brings restoration and reflection gives way to an emergent state that is expansive and full of positive growth.

This tremendous energy shift can be seen to be enormously beneficial as the body shrugs off its winter fat stores, and with it accumulated toxins, making way for a leaner, lighter being that can launch into spring joy.

However for many of you who are chronically ill, with Autoimmune diseases, Chronic fatigue syndrome or otherwise, the body simply may not have the energy reserves to produce a flamboyant cold or a rapidly resolved fever, that heats up the lymphatic system until it is thin enough to shift out its burden of cellular debris.

Instead you sense a downward spiral of inhibited cleansing with energy reserves slumping and the disease state getting deeper and more challenging.

So how can we best support a chronic disease state at this time?

My top 6 spring time tips for supporting yourself at this time of change are:

  1. Drink adequate water, vegetable soups, smoothies and juices.
  2. Lighten the load – eat less animal fats, processed foods.  Think stir fries, soups and salads to get plenty of healthy cleansing foods into your body.
  3. Go green – especially bitter greens such as dandelion leaves which will stimulate the liver to squeeze out the toxic bile that it has created.  Cut up some kale, steam some asparagus or smoothie some spinach to help you get  some spring into your step.
  4.  Use the sour flavour too, squeeze a lemon into your food or water to help squeeze out your liver.
  5. Get moving – use some yoga techniques that work on the liver or get some gentle exercise on a re-bounder (mini trampoline).  Spend some time out in nature, don’t forget to smell the flowers.
  6. Do some coffee enemas.  This is a fantastic technique for supporting the liver and shifting toxicity out of your body.

In addition to these ideas consider supplementing with some lecithin granules.  Lecithin will help your body to break down and emulsify fats and oils and this will help it to use them or move them out of your body.  This can really help you to relieve the burden on your liver.   Go gently and bear in mind that as the liver starts to open up and release its toxins, there may be an onset of earlier symptoms, so keep it gentle, just half a teaspoon at first, working up to a tablespoon per day, or as recommended by the instructions on the label.  Lecithin contains phospholipids which we use to make our cell membranes, so to really work at a cellular level, lecithin may be just the supplement that you need to get your cells cleansing efficiently.

Milk Thistle is a herb that has a fantastic reputation as a liver cleanser so now would be an excellent time to start using this too.


In Chinese Medicine, the Season of Spring is associated with the Wood element .  We can see wood as all things green, new shoots, slender saplings, positive new growth.  However if not given adequate water, nurture and light, wood can become tough, gnarled or damp and rotten.  So if you want to bring forth some new green shoots and see some positive growth you may wish to pay attention to your liver; as your liver also represents the Wood element.  So do keep in mind those nutritional support and supplement ideas that appeared earlier in my post.

The Liver is also known as the Planner in the body.  So if you have raging hormones, inconsistent bowel movements, or irregular periods then you may also choose to look to your liver and give it extra support at this time.

This would also be a good time to set down some plans of your own.  It may be time to turn over a new leaf and make some big changes in your life, or make a fresh start on a project that has been bubbling away.  Try making a list of the top five things that you would like to achieve this year or in the next few years, or write down a list of those things that you have been putting off doing for some time but know that you need to get done and start ticking them off.  Use this spring time to set some goals and start putting them into action.

Tony Robbins is an internationally acclaimed life coach, mentor and motivator.  You can get some help working your ideas into a workable format with his free resources and this Rapid Planning Method:

“That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.” Hermes Trismegistus 

Finally I would like to introduce a method that is astoundingly accurate.  This idea that Hermes Trimegistus introduced all those centuries ago; “As above, so below”,  we understand to mean that any effects on any level of reality (physical, emotional, or mental) will also be felt or observed on every other level.

An example of this is how emotional trauma can manifest in diseases such as cancer.

With this in mind we are going to use this idea of energy shifting by working on our homes, our environment, our sacred space.  The idea being that in making changes to the space that surrounds us on a daily basis, we can shift some stagnation within our bodies and minds.

We are going to start by clearing clutter.  For this you are going to do what is achievable (not overwhelming), so start with a drawer, a room or just the cobwebs.  Create a beautiful sparkly place that is uplifting, think vitality.  Recycle, bin and take to charity any unwanted items, clear them out, free up space and put good energy back into it.  See how that makes you feel.

If you are ready for more then look at a previous post that I shared that takes this concept to a much more profound level and looks at Space Clearing as defined by Karen Kingston.  It is much more demanding, but reaps such enormous benefits that will positively launch you into spring with rocket fuel to spare:

Space Clearing is a ritual, a ceremony that provides a framework for giving thanks for all that you are and for all that you have.  It allows you to generate a high energetic frequency that will shift stagnation from your life and allow you to give focus and clarity to your goals and innermost desires.  It will send a strong message to the universe and will provide a confident and powerful start to new beginnings.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

With love from Gemma x

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