It will take more than oranges.

The Autoimmune Disease Series


“Every diabetic not taking supplemental vitamin C could be classified as having sub-clinical scurvy.  For this reason they find it difficult to heal wounds.  The diabetic patient will use the supplemental vitamin C for better utilization of his insulin…

When proper amounts are used it will destroy all virus organisms.  Fred R Klenner, MD

When I started to look more at the claims made about this glorious vitamin, the benefits just exploded over the page:

“The anaerobic condition in the tissue is relieved.  Acidity is decreased and large amounts of Adrenaline disappear.  The constriction of the blood vessels ceases and the liver and pancreas can receive proper nutrients to function.  Properly calculated doses of C on a continuing basis will restore the normal physiology of the body.”  Lendon H Smith, MD

Success stories abound about thyroid disease, arthritis, cancer, cavities, glaucoma, schizophrenia, ruptured disks, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, poisonings, the list really does go on and on.

But first; eons ago humans somehow lost their ability to produce their own vitamin C.  Almost all other animals (and plants!) on this earth continue to generate steady streams of this potent antioxidant right through their lives.

What is interesting is that in times of stress, these animals produce dramatically more vitamin C – Vitamin C, a stress buster?

“The adrenals and Vitamin C are interrelated”

Some of the highest concentrations of vitamin C are in the adrenal glands and the pituitary glands.  It helps to regulate the stress hormones that we produce.  A deficiency in vitamin C  can be seen to contribute to the issues of anxiety, mood disorders, insulin resistance, fatigue, poor wound healing and obesity.

Vitamin C is crucial for collagen production, which is an integral part of muscle, arteries, capillaries, skin, hair, nails, joints, teeth and bones.  It is the vitamin C component that keeps our skin moist and supple.

“Capillary weakness is a sign of low levels of Vitamin C”

Energy is something that many people struggle to find enough of in a day.  Vitamin C plays it’s part here too as it improves carnitine production.  Carnitine assists the body in using fats for energy production.  Lack of carnitine has been suggested as why the early symptoms of scurvy are shown to be fatigue and depression.

Vitamin C also regulates the rate of cholesterol formation by the body.  When vitamin C is deficient, the rate of cholesterol production rises.


Before I present you with any information I would like to make it clear that I have not tried mega dosing with this vitamin and some have warned of the effects of this acid on the stomach lining .  Some companies offer buffered products to protect against this.  Lipospheric vitamin C is a form that is much more readily absorbed, lessening the need for large doses.

I have known about this information for many years, but I have never acted on it, worried I guess about the impact of huge amounts of anything in my body.  Yet these physicians are urging the safety of this supplement and insist that only we will be able to establish our optimal needs (through bowel tolerance testing).  I have therefore, returned to these papers with a new interest and I will try it out and let you know how I get on.

If your test results show an iron overload, you should understand that Vitamin C will increase the absorption of iron, particularly in the heart where it can result in palpitations, heart failure etc.

“Adults taking at least 10 grams of ascorbic acid daily, and children under ten at least one gram for each year of life will find that the brain will be clearer, the mind more active, the body less wearied and the memory more retentive”.

“Failure to benefit from Vitamin C use is usually due to inadequate amounts being used for too short a period of time.”

The right level it seems is a personal one.  Around 2,000mg of lipospheric vitamin C  can be taken 3 times per day  for a few months, this can then be reduced down to 1000mg twice a day.  If you use straight ascorbic acid, these figures will be much higher and will need to be taken more often through the day.


For more information on megadosing, follow this link to this fantastic reference site, where Chris used intravenous Vit C as part of his cancer cure protocol:

So yes, eat your oranges, but also consider that for optimal health, radiant energy, healthy gums, teeth and bones, fantastic skin, you might need a considerable amount more.

With love, light and an abundance of energy around this beautiful equinox.

Gemma x

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