Missing the Boat

Hi All,

I got all excited yesterday about making a sourdough form of hot cross buns.  I thought that I could get the dough started early and bake up some good ‘uns for Friday morning.  It seems that sour dough requires a much less hurried approach.

Instead I will use a Nigella Lawson recipe that offers a quick yeast approach but sits overnight in the fridge so that you can have them fresh and warm in the morning.


I will let this idea of sourdough hot cross buns fall by the wayside.  But on the understanding that I am going to instead put some time aside to make and nurture a sourdough culture to bring some natural bounce to my packed lunch making.  I also have a dreamy notion of roasted red pepper sandwiches made with this bread, inspired by Big Cherry Holler by Adriana Trigiani (part of her trilogy) – a book that is on the reading list in my Happy pages, for it’s feel good factor.

It just so happens that while I was searching for my hot cross bun recipe, I came across a sourdough starter that is featured in my Moro Cookbook.

So if  you wish to join me go grab a bunch of red grapes, some strong white bread flour and unchlorinated water (filtered is fine).  I am going to put my grain mill to use and mill some grains for this, so by all means try this approach.  I’ll be writing a bit more on this in the next few days.

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