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Good morning,

Congratulations to any or all of you who softened their equinox transition a little.

When I set out on this cleanse I decided to give it a couple of weeks, then a month, then two months and see where I was at each time. I made use of this equinox to go hardcore and fast in between my smoothies.  I plan to do that for another day or two.  Then I will slowly build in some meals.

If you have taken a more gentle approach you may wish to just keep going with your added smoothie everyday for a while.  Victoria Boutenko suggested that it took a couple of months to really notice the benefits.

On another site Green Smoothie Girl, which has some great lifestyle advice and easy to read health information she makes this observation about prolonged green smoothie drinking:

If you’re drinking green smoothies every day, you are eliminating toxins and keeping the colon clean with lots of green roughage, and after several months of doing that and avoiding animal protein, you will have less need of cleansing than others.

So it is looking good to keep up the great green smoothie work, incorporating it into your daily routine instead of seeing it as a cleanse or a quick diet.

Going forward; in addition to this I would also look at including 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseed in your diet (make flaxseed crackers if you have a de-hydrator, or mill them and mix them with your porridge, however you can get them in regularly).

This, on top of a wholefood diet, adding abundant raw foods, minimising your fat intake and then only using good fats and oils, with plenty of pure, fresh water and a whole heap of regular sunlight exposure…will make a tremendous difference to your sense of well being and of course as this is fifty shades, your libido!

Go to this link at Green Smoothie Girl if you want to go Fifty Shades Darker, where she suggests other things that you can add to your smoothies to enhance your libido and also increase your chances of conception:

See the green smoothie revolution in your life as the gateway to a greater awareness of what your body really needs.

Well spring is on its way, go enjoy it, with a spring in your step.

Gemma x

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