Omar Ramsden and Alwyn Carr – A brush with beauty

Well I went to the auction house, looking for gold sovereigns and ended up placing a bid on a beautiful lidded silver bowl made by Omar Ramsden and Alwyn Carr.  I got really excited about the idea of finding and collecting things of beauty rather than just for their melt down value.

Unfortunately for me I had chosen, from their whole auction the piece that they had decided to adorn the front cover of their brochure.

A good friend advised me that I had just selected one of the top and most collectable  names in silver antiques.  Now I was gladdened by my sense of good taste, but downtrodden by the realisation that my humble low bid was probably going to be outshone by a bottomless pocket investor.

I returned home confused about my investment choices.  I had gone for the gold and failed to even put a bid down on the Victorian gold jubilee coin that I had found.  Yet here I was getting involved in a big investment name that I felt was out of my league.  Yet I was pulled.  Surely if people bid six times more than the asking price then they would do that in the future.  If I was choosing some thing that people really love, but more importantly that I really love then that makes it all the more successful.

So the big question presented itself, should I go all out and pay many more times the asking price or should I stick to my bid and try to get lucky, trying never to pay too much for any investment, not getting carried away?

Well divine providence intervened,  I got home determined to put some more money on my internet bid (I couldn’t make the actual auction)…I found that my phone line and hence my internet connection had been cut.  You should know by now that I do not own a mobile phone – no not even for making important bids on silverware).  By the time it came back up it was too late for placing bids.

Well it didn’t go for as much as I thought it would , but still more than double my original bid.  Don’t forget the 27% on top for fees and VAT too.

So why didn’t I go to a friends for a phone call?  As I said Divine Providence intervened…I took it as a sign that it was not going to happen, not right now anyway.

Sure enough, by that afternoon another investment opportunity literally walked through my door.



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