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This week I have been dipping into the Hay House World Summit, watching key speakers discuss all sorts of mind, body and spirit issues.
A few key talks caught my eye and one of them was;
The Tapping Solution.
The video is only available for free until today, Thursday 28th May but don’t let this stop you from exploring this incredible technique; on-line resources for tapping are exploding.

The Emotional Freedom Technique, best known as “tapping” works through the use of a very simple method.  This involves talking through current issues, while physically tapping on energy meridian points on the face, hands, neck and under the arms.

The idea, which seems impossibly straightforward has changed thousands of lives, by taking clients back to the very core of their pain or emotional stuck point and talking them through it,  around it and out the other side of it.  Too simple?  Well actually yes, but it does work.

Watch this video, by Nick Ortner, an expert in this field who shows you how you can, quite literally tap your pain away:

(yes it is a bit out of synch).

Tapping is not just for pain, it has been shown to heal emotional trauma, addiction and release patterns of negative conditioning.

You can also tap for more money!(check out Margaret Lynch) So learn this incredible technique and start a daily tapping practice to become healthy, wealthy and happy.

Happy tapping.

Gemma x


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