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I am sorry that I have not been in touch for a while.  But I have been busy and have loads to report back with, which I will feed back over the next few days.

I have just come back uplifted and charged with the energy and enthusiasm of Phillip Day, who is currently on tour and who came to Worthing yesterday.

My first subject is a very touchy one.  With millions running the marathon yesterday, many of them raising money for charity, I felt personally that this was Big Pharma companies preying on the scared minds of our vulnerable people and making money out of it.  I certainly don’t want to down play the tremendous personal effort made by each and every one of those runners who trained for months to reach their dreams.  They are amazing people each and every one of them.  I just wish that the sponsorship hadn’t become a misguided money making enterprise.

Phillip Day was in total agreement:

Britain leads the industrial world in its failure to halt the disease.  The General medical council likes to attack doctors using safe, alternative means to cure the problem.  More people will die of cancer next year than in previous years – more people will contract it too.   The UK, or what’s left of it has the worst cancer survival rates of any western industrialised nation…Into this woeful mix you can toss all those upbeat charity reports: ‘The war on cancer is being won, just give us another 170 million’ when the war on cancer is being deliberately lost.  Oh and those 80% of women surviving breast cancer? They really aren’t  In desperation to maintain credibility and show progress for the big buck spent, Big Cancer has redefined the word ‘survive’ to mean only five years after initial treatment.

Health Review   Credence, Phillip Day



Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon or lung cancers.  This fact has been documented for over a decade, yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumours.

Dr Allen Levin


If I contracted cancer I would never go to a standard cancer treatment centre.  Cancer victims who live far from such centres have a chance.

Charles Mathe, French Cancer Specialist


I have also written about the alternative work of Sr Simoncini, an oncologist in Italy (who has now been struck off for taking his excited views on to the world stage) – working with just baking soda and maple syrup he had a list of cured terminally ill patients…some of them doctors themselves.

So what can be done about cancer?

The truth is of course very simple.  Dietary Changes.

That means no meat, yes no meat.  But lets face it most people would rather endure chemotherapy and its ravages than trust that nature knows best.  Such is the power of Big brother’s persuasion.

No meat, no table salt. No Dairy. No additives.  Just organic, fresh vegetables, plenty of them raw.

Phillip points out that the World Cancer Research Fund will send you a 650 page book on what is probably very obvious but so often ignored:

If you’re fat you’re more likely to get cancer.  If you smoke you’re more likely to get cancer.  If you take drugs and medications, you’re more likely to get cancer.  If you’re stressed, depressed, grieving, bankrupt, jilted, divorced or just plain lazy, you’re more likely to get cancer.  If you lack vitamins B, A, C E and D, you’re more likely to get cancer.

Phillip Day

Phillip also made the point that despite the complete manipulation of the truth by our media, those vitamins cited above are not going to cause any problems even given in mega doses.

We watched a film of a farmer, whose family refused to let doctors turn of his life support system after he contracted swine flu.  Instead they insisted on mega doses of vitamin C.  It saved his life.  He did pull through, despite the doctors repeated attempts to take him off the vit C.

Vitamin C: The Miracle Swine Flu Cure (60 Minutes) “Living Proof”

These vitamins are completely downplayed by the medical profession.

Cancer is an immune function disease.  So instead of using such vitamins to boost a patients immunity, they choose something that will poison it instead.

There is no reason for women to panic when they hear ‘cancer’.  Panic makes them easy victims.

Dr Irwin Bross, New York

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