Re-frame your life, the Disney way.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts.  What he thinks, he becomes.”    Mahatma Ghandhi

The Autoimmune Disease Series

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Hi All,

Ask yourself today; if those Disney films were right after all,  just what would be my happily ever after?  Spend some time today getting to grips with that.

So we were in a supermarket and my children spotted the bottles of squirty cream.  All at once I was caught between my childhood memories of guzzling down that frothy stuff straight from the can,  and the brakes that my own adult mind put on it (it’s full of crap and an aerosol too).

I apologised to my children, explained that I would have loved to buy them the can but just couldn’t bring myself to.  Amazingly, each one of them accepted my explanation and chose something else instead (The Law of Detachment!).

That very night we went to a barbecue for my husband’s work.

One of his colleagues, was making hot banana and chocolate splits with cream, (you’ve guessed it).  At the end of the night, he handed my children two, almost full cans, of that very same squirty cream.

I was absolutely gob smacked and have carried that sheer manifestation as my guide from that day.

What made that story truly amazing and even more incredible,  was that  at that time I was teaching my children the concept of universal laws.

The law that I was teaching that day was the very one that I bring to you now; The Law of Intention and Desire:

“The fifth spiritual law says that inherent in every desire are the mechanics for its fulfillment, and these mechanics apply to desires reaching far beyond the physical body.”  Deepak Chopra

I introduced it to them through the principles of The 7 Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.

So from this concept of intention and desire comes:

“be careful what you wish for”

“think before you speak”

You see the mind is very impersonal and will translate your thoughts quite literally.

So if you are trapped in a cycle of depression, pain and despair, re-frame that image right away and work really hard to change your thought patterns.

There are techniques that you can employ to help you with this.  Think vision boards, mood boards, affirmations and quotes.

Let today be the day that you swing into really positive action.  Print out and cut out images.  Create the life of health, wealth and happiness that you deserve.  Then step back, release (important), and let the miracles happen!

This Ted X Talk by Marisa Peer, describes this in very simple terms:


Go Create!

Please let me know below in the comments section what you successfully manifest.

Contact me if you need help with this.  I’d love to help you!

Gemma x

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