Masuro Emoto Water experiments

The power of the spoken word

“Thank you”

Hi All,

I am a little late getting started this year.  I started January with a ton of things on my plate, including taking my Hashimoto’s Institute Practitioner Exam.

Everywhere I look, courses are starting, plans are being made, free webinars are being offered.  Everyone is tumbling over themselves in a scramble to get a piece of you.

Overwhelm?  Yes, if you are not careful.

This blog today is not going to be about planning out your next year, making resolutions, trying to get rich quick or starting an exercise regime.  Today’s blog is about Dr Masuro Emoto and his water experiments.  Remember him?

He was the scientist from Japan, who taught us that the structure of water can be changed through the power of the spoken word, through prayer.

Marcel Vogel, the crystal expert could see how this applies to the human form:

“A physical body is and has its essential form in the bony structure. An energy analog exists around the body maintaining the balance and total functioning of the physical form.

        This energy field exists as a systematic array of oscillating points of energy which have a layered structure and a definite symmetry. These statements all embody a definition of a normal crystal in material form.”

Many religions around the world today place their utmost faith in the spoken word.

So my point today is to put these three concepts together.

  • The crystalline structure of water can be changed
  • Our bodies are a crystalline matrix and we are composed of around 70% water
  • The power of the spoken word is potent.

So go out this year with joy in your heart, but sing it!  Say thank you often.  Count your blessings out loud.  Understand that when beauty comes from your lips, it will make it’s way into your heart, body and mind.

With that

Be careful what you wish for!

Much love

Gemma x

Eyebrows thinning? Thyroid issues? Could it be your daily bread (I’m not talking gluten?)

How to protect your Thyroid

The Autoimmune Disease Series

Dear All,

Your thyroid gland is responsible for metabolism in your body…if it slows down, you feel fatigue, can put on weight and start losing hair (check the last quarter of your eyebrows).  If it speeds up, you can get hand tremors, suffer from anxiety and insomnia and have a rapid heart beat.

Your thyroid gland relies on iodine to produce it’s thyroid hormones, that control this metabolism.

An inadequate or an overabundant supply can result in your thyroid hormone production going awry, presenting you with tell tale symptoms.

In this post I am going to suggest some likely culprits that can affect your iodine supply.

I have talked in previous posts about some triggers that can lead to autoimmune disease, but in this post I would like to  highlight exposure to certain chemicals, namely chlorine, fluorine and bromine that seem to be everywhere in the environment and are posing a very real threat to your health.

These halogen chemicals are found in the bread that you eat, your shower, bath and drinking water, your toothpaste, pesticides on your fruit and vegetables, your furniture and in the plastics that you eat and drink from.

The problem with these halogens, and with bromine in particular, is that they compete for and displace the all important iodine in your system, disrupting your thyroid hormone production and in turn sending your whole endocrine system into imbalance. You can read more about this issue at

You see it is not just your thyroid gland that suffers.  There is a cascade effect throughout your body, as each gland in turn tries to take up the slack from the under performing thyroid gland.

For example your adrenal glands may also become overworked resulting in stress and then fatigue and also raised food sensitivities and immune function issues.   Your sex hormones may also be affected, resulting in mood swings and poor sex drive.  Depression is another common side effect to thyroid problems.

So what to do?

  • Go organic – look for organic breads that are bromine free, but also use organic fruits and vegetables to minimise your risk.
  • Use glass bottles rather than plastic
  • Get outside more –  furniture, paints, upholstery and appliances contain  flame retardant chemicals, dyes, plastics and additives that make your inside environment far more toxic than your outside world.  If you can’t spend more time in a park or in the woods, then leave a window open to freshen up that air.
  • Work with a nutritional adviser or functional medicine Doctor to detoxify your body from such toxic chemicals and help you to stabilise your system. (Sign up to my newsletter on the form to the right for more information)

Of course avoiding bread could also be the best thing that you do for your autoimmune condition due to the gut damaging gluten that it contains, but that is a whole other story!

Please let me know of any ways that you have managed to clean up your environment and how this has helped your symptoms.

Gemma x




Unhelpful Foods


The Autoimmune Disease Series

Dump the Junk – Unhelpful Foods

In this weeks blog I will be looking at why the food choices that you make, can have a drastic effect on your overall health and well being.  By cutting out challenging foods you can give your body the best chance of recovery from disease.
 To keep it simple I will first highlight six of the worst so called food offenders in terms of health impact:
  1. Trans fats, or hydrogenated fats ( these fats are found in biscuits, cakes, pastries and ready meals.  Flax oil or olive oil served cold, and coconut oil for frying and cooking should be used when recovering from disease).
  2. Sugar (natural sugars found in fruits are fine)
  3. GM foods, genetically modified foods (Fresh and organic foods should be the only choice when recovering from disease)
  4. Refined and Processed Foods
  5. Ready Meals and Takeaways
  6. Intensively Farmed Foods 

    I am not going to deal individually with each of these items, as most of this advice is already available elsewhere.The main point that I wish to make is that the food that you eat is meant to serve a purpose;  it is meant to fulfill your daily energy requirements and provide essential nutrients that your body can’t make itself.  Your body will use these nutrients to build and repair itself and to aid in enzyme and energy production in addition to many other crucial life processes.  Eating “hollow foods” that just provide energy is simply not enough.The problem with the “off limit” items listed above, is that they are seriously lacking the nutrients that are required for your body.  Modern processing methods strip the valuable nutrients from the foods, leaving them virtually redundant in terms of providing any kind of benefit to you.  In fact your body might actually be left off worse after their consumption.

    So if we take biscuits and most breakfast cereals as an example and the sugar hit that they provide, we can see where your problems can start:

    Dr Natasha Campbell Mc Bride highlights the fact that for every glucose sugar molecule that you eat – your body requires 28 magnesium molecules just to process it.

    Our soils are already massively depleted in this essential mineral:

“Do you know that most of us today are suffering from certain dangerous diet deficiencies which cannot be remedied until depleted soils from which our food comes are brought back into proper mineral balance? The alarming fact is that foods (fruits, vegetables, grains) now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain minerals are starving us—no matter how much of them we eat.”
This was a warning given back in 1936 by  74th Congress, 2nd session, Senate document number 264.
We can see how serious this problem can get:  Poor magnesium levels in the body have been linked to heart disease, anxiety and panic attacks, PMS, asthma, bowel disease, diabetes, fatigue, nerve problems and migraines just to mention a few.Magnesium is only one example of many nutrients that we are struggling to meet our basic daily requirements for.  By eating nutrient leaching foods you will take your body further into nutrient debt, depriving your body of those all important life sustaining vitamins and minerals, the building blocks of your life.

The unhelpful foods that I listed, might not just be stripping you of valuable nutrients,  they might actually be toxic for you.  These types of foods carry poisons into your cells in the form of antibiotics, herbicides, fungicides, hormones, nitrates and other carcinogens.

Add to that the chemicals and dangerous metals that leach from the plastic and aluminium containers that many are served in and we can see how the body can become overwhelmed by the toxic cocktail that it is presented with on a daily basis.Even some elements that are crucial to your body, can become toxic if over consumed.  A good example of this is sodium which must be taken in a delicate balance with magnesium, calcium and potassium.  Over salted convenience foods and takeaways can tip this all important balance into a situation within the body, that over time can present a health crisis.

All of these food hazards place a dangerous burden on an overworked system, a system that is already crying out for help and showing signs and presenting symptoms of chronic disease.

Heated fats and oils can present a deadly hazard to your health.  Even oils on the supermarket shelves have probably been heat treated to give them a longer shelf life.  With this in mind also consider that cooked meats are also heated fats and oils and can offer a similar health concern.  Rather than nourish and sustain you these foods can damage cells and enzymes, leaving devastation and inflammation in their wake and a body that is in serious need of repair and restoration.

These types of foods can be hard for you to digest as they may not be recognised as food by your body.  The body can then struggle to process them,  challenging your liver; the organ that you rely on to breakdown and process your food and importantly help you to detoxify your blood.

When your liver struggles, so too can your all important lymphatic system which has a huge role to play in your immunity.  There is a back up of toxicity which sees your blood and lymph getting thicker and more congested, increasing your chances of pain, inflammation and infection.  The very symptoms presented by auto immune diseases.

So if you are struggling with an autoimmune or other chronic disease this is a non-negotiable, no brainer; DUMP THE JUNK.

Don’t feel that you have to get rid of everything immediately, take the time that you need to transition comfortably.  I am not making suggestions for what you can eat at this stage.  I only want to say increase your vegetables and fruit intake significantly if you know that these are areas that you fall short on.   Start to “crowd out” the undesirables.  Use some cooked and some raw.  Think vegetable soups, curries, smoothies, stews and stir fries.
Enjoy your fresh organic veggies!
Gemma x