Balance your Hormones

Autoimmune Disease Series

Last week we looked at a recipe for detoxification.  This week continues on this theme as Barbara O’ Neill takes a really important look at hormones and how they can skew your world.

Oestrogen dominance seems to be a very big problem in our world today, due to many factors;  birth control pills, hormone contaminated meats and plastics to name just a few.

In excess it can suppress thyroid function and causes the body to store sugar from the blood as fat.  Fat cells in turn increase the weight gain as they produce enzymes that turn other hormones into oestrogen, thus accelerating the problem.

Oestrogen causes the proliferation of cells.  It it what turns the lanky teenage girl into a curvaceous woman.  When the levels remain too high, we can see that excess weight becomes a problem.  However this cell production may also lead to breast and uterine cancer, fibroids and endometriosis.

If the liver fails to break down the oestrogen properly it can be reabsorbed in an altered form which can cause levels to increase even more within the body.

To balance oestrogen you need high fibre to escort it out of your body, but you also need to balance it with progesterone.  Watch this video to find more about oestrogen dominance and how to address it.

You should watch this if:

  1. You are on, or have been on the pill.
  2. If you suffer from any premenstrual symptoms.
  3. If you have heavy or painful periods.
  4. If you have hot flushes.
  5. If you cannot shift weight.
  6. If you get migraines around your period.
  7. If you have breast cancer.
  8. If you have a low sex drive .
  9. If you have penile dysfunction
  10. If you have prostate issues.

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